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Vendor: Magento
Certifications: Magento Certified Developer Plus
Exam Name: Magento Certified Developer Plus Exam
Exam Code: M70-201
Total Questions: 136 Q&As
M70-201 dumps
In order to successfully register and configure a new entity capable of being saved and loaded from the database, you must create a model and which three of the following? (Choose three)
A. collection class
B. Configuration settings in your module’s config.xrnl
C. An entry in Mage:: $_registry
D. A record in the eav_entity table
E. A resource model
F. A table in the database that will store the entity’s data
Correct Answer: B,E,F

You need to override the default value for the expiry calculation for reward points used by the Reward Points module. Which of the following XML fragments should you use in your modules config.xml?
A. default/enterprise_reward/general/expiry_calculation with a value of static
B. default/enterprise_reward/general/expiry with a value of static
C. default/reward_points/general/expiry_calculation with a value of static
D. default/enterprise_reward/expiry_calculation with a value of static
Correct Answer: A

Which one of the following API methods exists in Magento?
A. catalog_category.save
B. catalog_product,items
C. catalog_product_attribute_set.update
D. catalog_product.info
Correct Answer: D

What happens when you edit an existing order using the order management page? M70-201 dumps
A. A form appears that allows you to edit all information on the current order.
B. A form appears that allows you to edit shipping information of the current order only.
C. Depending on the order status, different editing forms appear for the current order.
D. The current order is canceled and a new order is created from scratch based on the current order’s data.
Correct Answer: D

How many items will be added to the quote after adding a configurable product to the shopping cart?
A. The number of options
B. The number of options+1
C. Always 1
D. Always 2
Correct Answer: D

Which one of the following declares a Layout XML file?
M70-201 dumps
A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: D

To update your order information from a third-party system using an XmlRpc call, you should______.
A. Use the native sales_order.update API call with the url /api/xmlrpc/
B. Create a custom API resource which allows you to receive XmlRpc requests
C. Create a custom API adapter to receive XmlRpc requests
D. Create a custom API handler to process XmlRpc requests
Correct Answer: A

Which two of the following are supported in the native Magento API? (Choose two)
A. Partial void
B. Partial invoice
C. Partial capture
D. Partial refund
E. Partial shipment
Correct Answer: B,E

You want to implement a custom attribute source model. M70-201 dumps Which method do you have to implement after extending Mage_Eav_Model_Entity_Attribute_Source_Abstract?
A. getOptionText()
B. getAHOptions ()
C. getOptionHash()
D. getOptionld()
Correct Answer: B

In which of the following integrations should you use the Magento API?
A. to send a SOAP request from Magento to a third-party system
B. to receive a SOAP request from a third-party system to Magento
C. to send or receive SOAP requests in Magento
D. to provide tracking on the order success page
Correct Answer: B

Which module is responsible for Store Credit functionality in the native Magento?
A. Enterprise/StoreCredit
B. Enterprise/CustomerBalance
C. Enterprise/Sales
D. Enterprise/Customer
Correct Answer: B

Which three of the following statements accurately describe differences between EAV and Flat catalogs when accessing child categories of a category? (Choose three)
A. A different method must be used to get the child categories if flat catalog is enabled.
B. The type of the results differs between EAV and flat catalog.
C. Results also include children of children if flat catalog is enabled.
D. Results contain more information for each child if flat catalog is disabled.
E. The children’s IDs of EAV and Flat tables are different.
Correct Answer: A,B,D

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