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Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCNA Cyber Ops
Exam Name: Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals
Exam Code: 210-250
Total Questions: 80 Q&As
210-250 dumps
You are helping the customer configure authentication. A new AsyncOS upgrade becomes available; what should you do?
A. Avoid mentioning the upgrade to the customer.
B. Immediately show the customer how to run the CLI command upgrade.
C. Contact customer support and ask them to run the upgrade for you.
D. Schedule a convenient time to upgrade again, backing up the configuration before and after the upgrade.
Correct Answer: D

What does the appearance of the ACL tag BLOCK_WBRS in the access log mean?
A. Your appliance or the WBRS key is out of support.
B. The proxy blocked an outbound request because the client is infected with malware
C. The proxy blocked access to a site because of a suspicious server response.
D. The proxy blocked access to a site with a low reputation score.
Correct Answer: D

In which two ways does Cisco Business Edition 6000 protect its investment for midsize businessesthat will grow to become enterprise businesses with more than 1000 users in the future? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Business Edition 6000 virtualization
B. simplified Cisco trade-in options for servers and endpoints
C. functionalities and endpoints that are supported in both Unified Communications solutions
D. Cisco Capital financing
Correct Answer: A,C

Management style is a key factor in effective collaboration. How does management style affect and help create a collaborative culture in an organization?
A. It ensures higher quality and performance.
B. It makes collaboration easy and natural.
C. It stores information logically.
D. It establishes collaboration as a corporate behaviour.
Correct Answer: B

Which client that is packaged with the Cisco Business Edition 6000 lets you access presence, IM, voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing and conferencing services from any device?
A. Cisco WebEx Messenger client
B. Cisco AnyConnect client
C. Cisco Jabber client
D. Cisco Unified Personal Communicator client
Correct Answer: C

In which stage of an attack does the attacker discover devices on a target network?
A. Reconnaissance
B. Covering tracks
C. Gaining access
D. Maintaining access
Correct Answer: A

Which option describes how a user enables licensed features on the virtual WSA?
A. from the CLI using the featurekey command
B. from the CLI using the loadlicense command
C. from the CLI using the update command
D. from the GUI using the System Administration/Feature Keys menu page
E. from the GUI using the System Administration/Feature Key Settings menu page
Correct Answer: B

What is “stream scanning”?
A. scanning streaming media for malware
B. passing pieces of a download to the client while the download is being scanned
C. scanning multiple downloads at the same time
D. passing scanned pieces of the file between two different malware-scanning engines
Correct Answer: B

Which value does the Cisco Business Edition 6000 bring to midmarket businesses?
A. adding video collaboration capabilities on top of the existing telephony system
B. co-location with the existing telephony system
C. advanced collaboration functionalities on a single server
D. enhanced collaboration functionalities by adding only a few additional servers
Correct Answer: A

Which Cisco online tool is designed to help Cisco partners quickly generate a bill of materials and estimate pricing for Cisco solutions, addressing the needs of small to midsize customers?
A. Cisco Dynamic Configuration Tool
B. Cisco Unified Communications Sizing Tool
C. Cisco Order Status Tool
D. Cisco Quick Pricing Tool
Correct Answer: D

If authentication is enabled, which statement is true?
A. Client reports will display both the username and IP address of the clients
B. Client reports will display the IP address of the authentication server.
C. Client reports are not affected by authentication.
D. Client reports will display authenticated usernames.
Correct Answer: D

Which option describes the Cisco best practice for configuration of the Web Usage Control feature?
A. To configure the Global Policy as the most restrictive
B. To configure the Global Policy as the least restrictive
C. To configure every access policy using the inherited attributes from the Global Policy
D. To leave all actions in the Global Policy set to Monitor
Correct Answer: C

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