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Which consideration must be taken into account when using the DHCP relay feature in a Cisco SD- Access
A. DHCP-relay must be enabled on fabric edge nodes to provide the correct mapping of DHCP scope to the local
anycast gateway.
B. A DHCP server must be enabled on the border nodes to allow subnets to span multiple fabric edges.
C. DHCP servers must support Cisco SD-Access extensions to correctly assign IPs to endpoints in an SDAccess fabric
with anycast gateway.
D. DHCP Option-82 must be enabled to map the circuit IP option to the access fabric node where the DHCP discover
Correct Answer: A


Drag and drop the properties from the left onto the Cisco SD-WAN components that perform them on the right.
Select and Place:

[2021.3] lead4pass 300-420 practice test q2

Correct Answer:

[2021.3] lead4pass 300-420 practice test q2-1


When IPsec VPNs are designed, what is a unique requirement if support for IP Multicast is required?
A. encapsulation of traffic with GRE or VTI
B. IPsec forwarding using transport mode
C. Additional bandwidth for headend
D. IPsec forwarding using tunnel mode
Correct Answer: A


What is the benefit of using VRRPv3 as compared to VRRPv2?
A. VRRPv3 supports IPv4 and IPv6
B. VRRPv3 supports authentication
C. VRRPv3 supports preemption
D. VRRPv3 supports stateful switchover
Correct Answer: A


Which common issue causes intermittent DMVPN tunnel flaps?
A. a routing neighbor reachability issue
B. a suboptimal routing table
C. interface bandwidth congestion
D. that the GRE tunnel to hub router is not encrypted
Correct Answer: A


Company A recently acquired another company. Users of the newly acquired company must be able to access a server
that exists on Company A\\’s network, both companies use overlapping IP address ranges.
Which action conserves IP address space and provides access to the server?
A. Use a single IP address to create overload NAT
B. Use a single IP address to create a static NAT entry
C. Build one-to-one NAT translation for every user that needs access
D. Re-IP overlapping address space in the acquired company
Correct Answer: A


An enterprise customer has these requirements:
end-to-end QoS for the business-critical applications and VoIP services based on CoS marking.
flexibility to offer services such as IPv6 and multicast without any reliance on the service provider.
support for full-mesh connectivity at Layer 2.
Which WAN connectivity option meets these requirements?
Correct Answer: D


Which two statements about VRRP advertisements are true? (Choose two.)
A. They are sent from the master router and standby routers.
B. They include VRRP timer information.
C. They are sent only from the master router.
D. They include priority information.
E. They are sent every three seconds by default.
Correct Answer: AD


Which two statements about VRRP object tracking are true? (Choose two)
A. The priority of a VRRP device can change in accordance with the up or down status of a VRRP
B. The VRRP interface priority must be manually configured by the administrator
C. A VRRP group can track only one object at a time
D. VRRP can track the status of interfaces and routes
E. VRRP supports only interce tracking
Correct Answer: A


Which two techniques improve the application experience in a Cisco SD-WAN design? (Choose two.)
A. utilizing forward error correction
B. implementing a stateful application firewall
C. implementing AMP
D. utilizing quality of service
E. implementing Cisco Umbrella
Correct Answer: AD
Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/solutions/collateral/enterprise-networks/sd-wan/nb-06-cisco-sd-wanebook-cte-en.pdf page 33


Which design consideration must be made when dual vEdge routers are deployed at a branch site?
A. Use BGP AS-path prepending to influence egress traffic and use MED to influence ingress traffic
B. HSRP priorities must match the OMP routing policy to prefer one vEdge over the other.
C. Traffic must be symmetrical as it egresses the vEdges and returns from remote sites for DPI to function properly.
D. Configure BFD between vEdge routers to detect sub-second link failures.
Correct Answer: A


A company with multiple service providers wants to speed up BGP convergence time in the event a failure occurs with
their primary link. Which approach achieves this goal and does not impact router CPU utilization?
A. Utilize BFD and tune the multiplier to 50
B. Lower the BGP hello interval
C. Decrease the BGP keepalive timer
D. Utilize BFD and keep the default BGP timers
Correct Answer: C


Drag and drop the descriptions from the left onto the Cisco SD-WAN component they describe on the right.
Select and Place:

[2021.3] lead4pass 300-420 practice test q13

Correct Answer:

[2021.3] lead4pass 300-420 practice test q13-1

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/solutions/CVD/SDWAN/cisco-sdwan-design-guide.html

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