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Which are two Cisco ISE that benefits our customers? (Choose two.)
A. provides network access control
B. helps them stop and contain real-time threats
C. enables them to set traffic priorities across the network
D. helps them accelerate application deployment and delivery
Correct Answer: AB

Which Cisco vEdge router offers 20 Gb of encrypted throughput?
A. Cisco vEdge 5000
B. Cisco vEdge 1000
C. Cisco vEdge 2000
D. Cisco vEdge 100
Correct Answer: A

What statement is true regarding the current time in Enterprise Networking history?
A. advent of cloud computing
B. pace of change
C. pervasive use of mobile devices
D. advent of IoT
Correct Answer: B

Which option will help build your customers platform during the discovery phase?
A. business case
B. detailed design
C. POV report
D. high-level design
Correct Answer: A

Which element of the Cisco SD-WAN architecture facilitates the functions of controller discovery and NAT traversal?
A. vBond orchestrator
B. vManage
C. vSmart controller
D. vEdge
Correct Answer: A

Which node enables Cisco ISE to share contextual information on a device with Cisco Stealthwatch?
A. Monitoring and Troubleshooting Node
B. pXGrid Controller
C. Policy Administration Node
D. Inline Posture Node
Correct Answer: B

Which three options focus of the current digital business era? (Choose three.)
A. IoT scale
B. connectivity
C. virtualized services
D. automation
E. centralized enterprise and web applications
F. Human scale
Correct Answer: ACD

What should you do if you are looking at a strategic win with a customer and the customer wants to examine Cisco ISE
for longer than a few weeks?
A. Give them some of our flash files that can be played on any browser.
B. Set them up with an account on a Cisco UCS server that hosts ISE.
C. Set them up with a dCloud account.
D. Give them our ISE YouTube videos.
E. Provide them with a downloadable POV lit.
F. Point them to our dCloud demo library.
Correct Answer: C

How would Cisco ISE handle authentication for your printer that does not have a supplicant?
A. ISE would not authenticate the printer as printers are not subject to ISE authentication.
B. ISE would authenticate the printer using 802.1X authentication.
C. ISE would authenticate the printer using MAB.
D. ISE would authenticate the printer using web authentication.
E. ISE would authenticate the printer using MAC RADIUS authentication.
Correct Answer: C

Which two statements are true regarding SD-WAN demonstrations? (Choose two.)
A. As a Cisco SD-WAN SE, you should spend your time learning about the technology rather than contributing to demo
B. Use demonstrations primarily for large opportunities and competitive situations.
C. During a demo, you should demonstrate and discuss what the team considers important details.
D. There is a big difference between demos that use a top down approach and demos that use a bottom up approach.
E. During a demo, you should consider the target audience and the desired outcome.
Correct Answer: DE

What are three ways in which Cisco ISE learns information about devices? (Choose three.)
A. user authentication to the ISE
B. SMTP agents
C. RPC mechanism via HTTPS
D. traffic generated by the device
E. network servers the device has accessed
F. RADIUS attributes
Correct Answer: DEF

Which Cisco product supports SD-Access and specifically built to address new challenges faced by enterprises?
A. Nexus 7700 w/ Sup2E and M3 line cards
B. ISR 4221
C. Catalyst 9500
D. ASR 1000-HX
E. CSRv virtual router
F. Catalyst 6807-XL w/Sup6T and C6800 10G line cards
Correct Answer: B

Which two activities should occur during an SE\\’s discovery process? (Choose two.)
A. Establishing credibility with the customer
B. Working with the customer to develop a reference architecture
C. Referencing the PPDIOO model to effectively facilitate the discussion
D. Gathering information about the current state of the customer\\’s network environment
E. Mapping Cisco innovation to customer\\’s needs
Correct Answer: AD

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