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Which action should you take when Cisco Threat Response notifies you that AMP has identified a file as malware?
A. Add the malicious file to the block list.
B. Send a snapshot to Cisco for technical support.
C. Forward the result of the investigation to an external threat-analysis engine.
D. Wait for Cisco Threat Response to automatically block the malware.
Correct Answer: A


An engineer has been tasked with providing disaster recovery for an organization\\’s primary Cisco FMC. What must be
done on the primary and secondary Cisco FMCs to ensure that a copy of the original corporate policy is available if the
primary Cisco FMC fails?
A. Restore the primary Cisco FMC backup configuration to the secondary Cisco FMC device when the primary device
B. Connect the primary and secondary Cisco FMC devices with Category 6 cables of not more than 10 meters in
C. Configure high-availability in both the primary and secondary Cisco FMCs.
D. Place the active Cisco FMC device on the same trusted management network as the standby device.
Correct Answer: C


An administrator is attempting to remotely log into a switch in the data center using SSH and is unable to connect. How
does the administrator confirm that traffic is reaching the firewall?
A. by performing a packet capture on the firewall
B. by attempting to access it from a different workstation
C. by running Wireshark on the administrator\\’s PC
D. by running a packet tracer on the firewall
Correct Answer: D


Which two features of Cisco AMP for Endpoints allow for an uploaded file to be blocked? (Choose two.)
A. application blocking
B. simple custom detection
C. file repository
D. exclusions
E. application whitelisting
Correct Answer: AB


Which interface type allows packets to be dropped?
A. passive
B. inline
Correct Answer: B


A Cisco FTD device is running in transparent firewall mode with a VTEP bridge group member ingress interface. What
must be considered by an engineer tasked with specifying a destination MAC address for a packet trace?
A. The output format option for the packet logs is unavailable.
B. Only the UDP packet type is supported.
C. The destination MAC address is optional if a VLAN ID value is entered.
D. The VLAN ID and destination MAC address are optional.
Correct Answer: C


After using Firepower for some time and learning about how it interacts with the network, an administrator is trying to
correlate malicious activity with a user. Which widget should be y configured to provide visibility on the Cisco Firepower
A. Custom analysis.
B. Current Status
C. Current Sessions
D. Correlation Events
Correct Answer: D


Which report template field format is available in Cisco FMC?
A. box lever chart
B. arrow chart
C. bar chart
D. benchmark chart
Correct Answer: C


Which group within Cisco does the Threat Response team use for threat analysis and research?
A. Cisco Deep Analytics
B. OpenDNS Group
C. Cisco Network Response
D. Cisco Talos
Correct Answer: D

Which command must be run to generate troubleshooting files on an FTD?
A. system support view-files
B. sudo
C. system generate-troubleshoot all
D. show tech-support
Correct Answer: B


An engineer currently has a Cisco FTD device registered to the Cisco FMC and is assigned the address of
The organization is upgrading the addressing schemes and there is a requirement to convert the addresses to a format
that provides an adequate amount of addresses on the network.
What should the engineer do to ensure that the new addressing takes effect and can be used for the Cisco FTD to
Cisco FMC connection?
A. Delete and register the device to Cisco FMC.
B. Update the IP addresses from IPV4 to IPV6 without deleting the device from cisco FMC.
C. Format and register the device to Cisco FMC.
D. Cisco FMC does not support devices that use IPv4 IP addresses.
Correct Answer: B


With Cisco Firepower Threat Defense software, which interface mode do you configure for an IPS deployment, where
traffic passes through the appliance but does not require VLAN rewriting?
A. inline set
B. passive
C. inline tap
D. routed
E. transparent
Correct Answer: D


Which two statements about bridge-group interfaces in Cisco FTD are true? (Choose two.)
A. The BVI IP address must be in a separate subnet from the connected network.
B. Bridge groups are supported in both transparent and routed firewall modes.
C. Bridge groups are supported only in transparent firewall mode.
D. Bidirectional Forwarding Detection echo packets are allowed through the FTD when using bridge-group members.
E. Each directly connected network must be on the same subnet.
Correct Answer: CD


Which two actions can be used in an access control policy rule? (Choose two.)
A. Block with Reset
B. Monitor
C. Analyze
D. Discover
E. Block ALL
Correct Answer: AB


A user within an organization opened a malicious file on a workstation which in turn caused a ransomware attack on the
network. What should be configured within the Cisco FMC to ensure the file is tested for viruses on a sandbox system?
A. Spero analysis
B. capacity handling
C. local malware analysis
D. dynamic analysis
Correct Answer: D

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