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A Cisco WLC has been added to the network and Cisco ISE as a network device, but authentication is
Which configuration within the network device configuration should be verified?
A. SNMP RO community
B. devise interface credentials
C. device ID
D. shared secret
Correct Answer: Dcisco 300-430 certification exam q1

A wireless engineer has integrated the wireless network with a RADIUS server. Although the configuration on the
RADIUS is correct, users are reporting that they are unable to connect. During troubleshooting, the engineer notices
that the authentication requests are being dropped. Which action will resolve the issue?
A. Provide a valid client username that has been configured on the RADIUS server.
B. Authenticate the client using the same EAP type that has been set up on the RADIUS server.
C. Allow connectivity from the wireless controller to the IP of the RADIUS server.
D. Configure the shared-secret keys on the controller and the RADIUS server.
Correct Answer: C

Which two events are outcomes of a successful RF jamming attack? (Choose two.)
A. disruption of WLAN services
B. unauthentication association
C. deauthentication broadcast
D. deauthentication multicast
E. physical damage to AP hardware
Correct Answer: AE

An engineer just added a new MSE to Cisco Prime Infrastructure and wants to synchronize the MSE with the Cisco 5520
WLC, which is located behind a firewall in a DMZ. It is noticed that NMSP messages are failing between the two
devices. Which traffic must be allowed on the firewall to ensure that the MSE and WLC can communicate using NMSP?
A. TCP 1613
B. UDP 16113
C. TCP 16113
D. UDP 1613
Correct Answer: C
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https:\\’/mrncciewxom/2014/09/25/what-is-nmsp/ https:\\’/mvwxiscoxomx/en\\’us\\’support/docs\\’wireless\\’mo

An engineer is configuring multicast for two WLCs. The controllers are in different physical locations and each handles
around 500 wire clients. How should the CAPWAP multicast group address be assigned during configuration?
A. Each WLC must be assigned a unique multicast group address
B. Each WLC management address must be in the same multicast group
C. Each WLC management address must be in a different multicast group
D. Both WLCs must be assigned the same multicast group address
Correct Answer: C

A FlexConnect remote office deployment is using five 2702i APs indoors and two 1532i APs outdoors. When a code
the upgrade is performed and FlexConnect Smart AP Image Upgrade is leveraged, but no FlexConnect Master AP has
been configured, how many image transfers between the WLC and APs will occur?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 5
D. 7
Correct Answer: B

An engineer is configuring multicast for wireless for an all-company video meeting on a network using EIGRP and BGP
within a single domain from a single source. Which type of multicast routing should be implemented?
A. Protocol Independent Multicast Dense Mode
B. Source-Specific Multicast
C. Multicast Source Discovery Protocol
D. Protocol Independent Multicast Sparse Mode
Correct Answer: D

A wireless network has been implemented to enable multicast video to be streamed reliably over the wireless link to the
wireless users. After a client reports that the video is unable to stream the administrator determines that
the client is connecting a data rate of 12 Mbps and is trying to stream to avoid multicast address on the network. Which
two actions must be applied? (Choose two.)
A. Allow RTSP to stream the video due to wireless multicast not using acknowledgments.
B. Allow multicast direct to work correctly and multicast-direct to be enabled globally.
C. Change the WLAN QoS value to Bronze for the WLANs on the controller.
D. Turn off IGMP snooping for all the configured WLANS on the controller.
E. Implement video stream for the multicast video on the controller
Correct Answer: BE

When using a Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controller, which statement about AutoQoS is true?
A. It has a set of predefined profiles that you cannot modify further
B. It matches traffic and assigns each matched packet to QoS groups
C. It automates the deployment of wired QoS and makes wireless QoS implementation easier
D. It allows the output policy map to put specific QoS queues into specific subgroups
Correct Answer: Bcisco 300-430 certification exam q9

After looking in the logs, an engineer notices that RRM keeps changing the channels for non-IEEE 802. 11 interferers.
After surveying the area, it has been decided that RRM should not change the channel. Which feature must be enabled
to ignore non-802.11 interference?
A. Avoid Cisco AP Load
B. Avoid Persistent Non-WIFI Interference
C. Avoid Foreign AP Interference
D. Avoid Non-802. 11 Noise
Correct Answer: D

An engineer must use Cisco AVC on a Cisco WLC to prioritize Cisco IP cameras that use the wireless network. Which
element do you configure in a rule?
A. permit-ACL
B. WMM required
C. mark
D. rate-limit
Correct Answer: C

When implementing self-registration for guest/BYOD devices, what happens when an employee tries to connect four
devices to the network at the same time?
A. The last device is removed and the newly added device is updated as an active device.
B. The registration is allowed, but only one device is connected at any given time.
C. All devices are allowed on the network simultaneously.
D. Purge time dictates how long a device is registered to the portal.
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.cisco 300-430 certification exam q13

The security team has implemented ISE as a AAA solution for the wireless network. The wireless engineer notices that
though clients can authenticate successfully, the ISE policies that are designed to place them on different interfaces are
not working. Which configuration must be applied in the RADIUS Authentication Settings section from the ISE Network
Device page?
A. Disable KeyWrap
B. Change the CoA Port
C. Correct the shared secret.
D. Use ASCII for the key input format
Correct Answer: B

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