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Question 11
An Ethernet hub has 12 Ethernet ports. How many collision domains and how many broadcast domains exist on the Ethernet hub?
A. 12 Collision Domains and 12 Broadcast Domains
B. 1 Collision Domain and 12 Broadcast Domains
C. 12 Collision Domains and 1 Broadcast Domain
D. 1 Collision Domain and 1 Broadcast Domain
Answer: D

Question 12
A PC requires which of the following configuration parameters in order to Telnet to a host on a remote subnet? (Choose 3.)
A. IP address
B. subnet mask
C. routing protocol
D. VLAN assignment
E. default gateway
Answer: ABE

Question 13
Consider the following topology. Client F has just booted up, and its MAC address has not been learned by switch SW1 (as seen in the output of the show mac address-table command). 200-125 dumps If Client A sends a frame destined for Client F’s MAC address, what will switch SW1 do with the frame? (Assume all switch ports are assigned to VLAN 100.)
A. SW1 will flood the frame out of all of its ports.
B. SW1 will flood the frame out of all of its ports, other than the port on which the frame was received.
C. SW1 will drop the frame, because there is no entry for the destination MAC address in switch SW1’s MAC address table.
D. SW1 will forward the frame out of port Gi 1/0/2 only.
E. SW1 will forward the frame out of port Gi 1/0/1 only.
200-125 dumps
Answer: B

Question 14
A customer is using a Class C network of subnetted with a 28-bit subnet mask. 200-125 pdf How many subnets can be created by using this subnet mask?
A. 32
B. 16
C. 30
D. 8
E. 14
Answer: B

Question 15
Of the following protocols, select the ones that are UDP-baseD. (Choose 2)
Answer: BD

Question 16
Which of the follow are dynamic routing protocols? 200-125 dumps (Choose 2.)
Answer: BE

Question 17
Identify the three layers of Cisco’s traditional hierarchical network design model.(Choose 3.)
A. Access
B. Cross-connect
C. Distribution
D. Uplink
E. Core
Answer: ACE

Question 18
Which of the following devices can be used to interconnect broadcast domains? 200-125 pdf (Choose 2.)
A. router
B. Ethernet hub
C. Layer 2 switch
D. Ethernet bridge
E. Layer 3 switch
Answer: AE

Question 19
ARP can perform which of the following functions?
A. ARP allows a network host to learn the MAC address corresponding to a known IP address.
B. ARP allows a network host to dynamically obtain an IP address.
C. ARP allows a network host to learn an IP address corresponding to a known domain name.
D. ARP allows a network host to learn the IP address corresponding to a known MAC address.
Answer: A

Question 20
You’re viewing the running configuration on a Cisco router and notice the enable secret commanD. 200-125 dumps The command begins with enable secret, followed by the number 9, followed by a hash digest. What does the 9 indicate?
A. The password is encrypted using AES.
B. The password is hashed using Message Digest 5 (MD5).
C. The password is hashed using Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2 (PBKDF2).
D. The password is hashed using SCRYPT.
Answer: D

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