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You are installing Oracle Enterprise Linux in the Graphical User Interface (GUI) mode on your machine. From the package selection screen, you select one of the package groups.
Which two statements are NOT true in this context? (Choose two.)
A. Only the optional packages would be installed.
B. All the optional packages are also installed along with the package group.
C. Both the base packages and all the optional packages would be installed.
D. The selection of a base package does not depend on an optional package.
E. Only the base packages and the auto-selected optional packages would be installed.
Answer: AB

A customer has deployed opportunity management and wants to use Assessment templates to follow up on specific opportunities.
Identify three true statements about assessment templates. 1Z0-443 pdf
A. A question group is a logical grouping of questions.
B. A free form response will have an impact on the overall assessment score
C. Assessment templates with Retired status are available for lead follow ups.
D. All of the question weights within a template must total to exactly 100.
E. Task templates can be assigned to Assessment templates for follow-up activities.
Correct Answer: ADE
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QUESTION 3                        1Z0-443 dumps
A customer has developed the Oracle sales lead module for their lead management activities. The customer wants to use assessment templates to follow up on qualified leads to gather additional information from customers/prospects, and to provide consistent guidance to sales resources to move the leads further along the sales cycle.
What are the three points to be considered while creating the assessment templates?
A. Ratings
B. Responses and interactions
C. Questions, question groups and weightages
D. Sales methodology
E. Task templates
Correct Answer: ACE

You are installing Oracle Enterprise Linux in the Graphical User Interface(GUI) mode on your machine and are at the package group selection panel. You do not want to customize the packages to be installed.
Therefore, select the option “install default software packages.”
Which three packages would be in the default selection group? (Choose three.)
B. Webserver
C. System Tools
D. Printer Support
E. Windows File Server (SMB)
Answer: ABE

Your company has been working with fusion in development for some time, and has decided to move production. After configuration part of the production setup data, your supervisor decides to import the setup data from development. Because to separate teams were working on development and production, not all of the configuration. 1Z0-443 pdf
1. Industry is configuration in development and production.
2. Tax Regime is configuration in production and development.
3. Territories are configured in both development and production, but they were configured differently.
Based on this scenario, identify the three things that will happen when the development setup data is imported to production.
A. Industry in production will remain unchanged.
B. Industry In production will be updated with values from development.
C. Tax in production will remain unchanged.
D. Tax In production will be deleted.
E. Territory will be synchronized between development and production.
F. Territory in production will be updated with the values from development.
G. Territory in production will remain unchanged.
Correct Answer: BCE

Which two search profile options can be configured to change the default Search criteria? 1Z0-443 dumps
A. Opportunity Search Close Period Default
B. Opportunity Sales Stage
C. Close Date Range Maximum Value
D. Opportunity Sales Credit Enabled
Correct Answer: BD

Which profile option needs to be enabled for the use of auxiliary dimensions in territory definition?
A. Classification category for auxiliary dimension needs to be set to classification category.
B. Customer class for auxiliary dimension needs to be set to customer class.
C. Customer type for auxiliary dimension needs to be set to customer type.
D. Customer account for auxiliary dimension needs to be set to customer type.
E. There is no need to set any profile option.
Correct Answer: A

Identify the set with five major Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) types in Oracle Sales Cloud.
A. job roles, duties, privileges, functional security, and data security
B. job roles, resources, privileges, functional security, and data security
C. job roles, duties, role hierarchies, privileges, and functional security
D. resource hierarchy, job roles, resources, data security, and functional security
Correct Answer: C

Which statement is true about the hierarchical relationship of a sales catalog? 1Z0-443 pdf
A. It depends on the catalog administrator who is defining the parent (“super group”) for each product group.
B. It is based on item hierarchies, not product group hierarchies.
C. It is developed by defining the children for each catalog Item.
D. It may be revised by deleting a product subgroup from one product group and adding it to another.
Correct Answer: D

After adding a new product to a catalog, the product does not appear within the catalog.
Identify the three actions you should take to resolve the problem. 1Z0-443 dumps
A. Verify the product’s life-cycle phase and see if the start and end dates are correct.
B. Check that the product is listed in the correct catalog.
C. Verify that the catalog is set as a Rollup Catalog.
D. Verify that the catalog is not a Template Catalog.
E. Verify that the catalog edits have been published.
F. Verify that the catalog contains at least one promotion template for the new product.
Correct Answer: ABE

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