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What is the maximum number of PSN nodes supported in a medium-sized deployment?

A. two
B. three
C. five
D. eight

Correct Answer: C


A network engineer has been tasked with enabling a switch to support standard web authentication for Cisco ISE. This
must include the ability to provision for URL redirection on authentication Which two commands must be entered to
meet this requirement? (Choose two)

A. Ip HTTP secure-authentication
B. Ip HTTP server
C. Ip HTTP redirection
D. Ip HTTP secure-server
E. Ip HTTP authentication

Correct Answer: DE


A Cisco ISE administrator needs to ensure that guest endpoint registrations are only valid for one day When testing the
guest policy flow, the administrator sees that the Cisco ISE does not delete the endpoint in the Guest Endpoints identity
store after one day and allows access to the guest network after that period. Which configuration is causing this

A. The Endpoint Purge Policy is set to 30 days for guest devices
B. The RADIUS policy set for guest access is set to allow repeated authentication of the same device
C. The length of access is set to 7 days in the Guest Portal Settings
D. The Guest Account Purge Policy is set to 15 days

Correct Answer: A
e_chapter_01101.html#:~:text=C isco%20ISE%2C%20by%20default%2C%20deletes,5000%20endpoints%20every%20three%20minutes


Refer to the exhibit.

cisco 300-715 free dumps q4

A network engineer configures the switch to accept downloadable ACLs from a Cisco ISC server. Which two
commands should be run to complete the configuration? (Choose two)

A. AAA authorization auth-proxy default group radius
B. radius-server vsa sand authentication
C. radius-server attribute 8 include-in-access-req
D. IP device tracking
E. dot1x system-auth-control

Correct Answer: BC


Which two external identity stores support EAP-TLS and PEAP-TLS? (Choose two.)

A. RSA SecurID
C. Active Directory
D. Internal Database

Correct Answer: CE


A network administrator must configure endpoints using an 802 1X authentication method with EAP identity certificates
that are provided by the Cisco ISE When the endpoint presents the identity certificate to Cisco ISE to validate the
certificate, endpoints must be authorized to connect to the network Which EAP type must be configured by the network
administrator to complete this task?


Correct Answer: C


Which two ports do network devices typically use for CoA? (Choose two )

A. 443
B. 19005
C. 8080
D. 3799
E. 1700

Correct Answer: DE


An administrator is configuring posture with Cisco ISE and wants to check that specific services are present on the
workstations that are attempting to access the network. What must be configured to accomplish this goal?

A. Create a registry posture condition using a non-OPSWAT API version.
B. Create an application posture condition using an OPSWAT API version.
C. Create a compound posture condition using an OPSWAT API version.
D. Create a service posture condition using a non-OPSWAT API version.

Correct Answer: D


An organization is implementing Cisco ISE posture services and must ensure that a host-based firewall is in place on
every Windows and Mac computer that attempts to access the network They have multiple vendors\’ firewall
applications for their devices, so the engineers creating the policies are unable to use a specific application check-in
order to validate the posture for this What should be done to enable this type of posture check?

A. Use the file registry condition to ensure that the firewall is installed and running appropriately.
B. Use a compound condition to look for the Windows or Mac native firewall applications.
C. Enable the default firewall condition to check for any vendor firewall application.
D. Enable the default application condition to identify the applications installed and validate the firewall app.

Correct Answer: C IdentityServicesEngine


What is an advantage of using EAP-TLS over EAP-MS-CHAPv2 for client authentication?

A. EAP-TLS uses a username and password for authentication to enhance security, while EAP-MS- CHAPv2 does not.
B. EAP-TLS secures the exchange of credentials, while EAP-MS-CHAPv2 does not.
C. EAP-TLS uses a device certificate for authentication to enhance security, while EAP-MS-CHAPv2 does not.
D. EAP-TLS uses multiple forms of authentication, while EAP-MS-CHAPv2 only uses one.

Correct Answer: C


Which permission is common to the Active Directory Join and Leave operations?

A. Create a Cisco ISE machine account in the domain if the machine account does not already exist
B. Remove the Cisco ISE machine account from the domain.
C. Set attributes on the Cisco ISE machine account
D. Search Active Directory to see if a Cisco ISE machine accounts is already ex.sts.

Correct Answer: D


A Cisco ISE server sends a CoA to a NAD after a user logs in successfully using CWA Which action does the CoA

A. It terminates the client session
B. It applies the downloadable ACL provided in the CoA
C. It applies new permissions provided in the CoA to the client session.
D. It triggers the NAD to reauthenticate the client

Correct Answer: B


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