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Free 500-710 exam questions and answers


Which description of the role of the conference alias in the Cisco Conductor is true?

A. It determines the bridge pool to be selected for a conference.
B. The conference template determines the bridge pool to be selected for a conference.
C. It is dialed by a user and Conductor uses that alias to determine the conference template.
D. It selects the Expressway to be used for media traversal.

Correct Answer: C



How many simultaneous HD calls can be supported on a Cisco Meeting Server 2000?

A. 25
B. 500
C. 108
D. 96

Correct Answer: B



Which Iwo administrative functions can a Cisco Spark Partner reseller perform from the Osco Spark Management
portal? (Choose two.)

A. Quickly start customer trials.
B. Determine Single Sign-On customer usage reports.
C. Enable Single Sign-On and Directory sync through corporate LDAP services on-premises.
D. Determine role-based access and view usage reports.
E. Help to manage the customer accounts.

Correct Answer: AE



What is the maximum network latency allowed between peers in a cluster?

A. 30 ms total
B. 300 ms total
C. 100 ms one way
D. 150 ms one-way

Correct Answer: A



Where in the TMS application does an engineer add individual endpoints or infrastructure to the TMS database?

A. System > Navigator
B. System > System Overview
C. System > Provisioning
D. System > Manage Dial Plan

Correct Answer: A



Which two statements about subzones are true? (Choose two.)

A. Endpointsare assigned to a particular subzone by their alias or IP subnet.
B. Subzones require the use of endpoint authentication
C. Subzones are used for routing calls to peers in other parts of the network.
D. Endpoints require the use of other endpoints for authentication
E. Subzones are used for bandwidth and authentication control of a logical grouping of endpoints within the registration
list of the Expressway

Correct Answer: AE



Which two products are available as multipoint conferencing options in the CMR Premise platform? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco Expressway
B. Cisco Telepresence Multipoint Switch
C. Telepresence Server
D. Cisco VCS
E. Cisco Meeting Server

Correct Answer: BC



Which regular expressions match an alias from the cisco.com domain, with the host portion of the alias consisting of first
name.1st name, with no limits on the length of either name?
(Example: [email protected])

A. (.*)\.(.*)@cisco.com
B. (\d*).(\d)@cisco.com
C. (.*)/.(.*)@cisco.com
D. (.*).(*)@cisco.com

Correct Answer: D



Which option is a user policy?

A. authentication
B. admin policy
C. call policy
D. Find Me

Correct Answer: B



Which two products can be used to schedule a CMR Cloud meeting? (Choose two)

A. Microsoft Exchange with WebEx Integration
B. Microsoft Exchange with WebEx Scheduler App
C. WebEx Scheduler App
D. Microsoft Exchange with WebEx TMSXE Integration
E. TMS Smart Scheduler

Correct Answer: AD



For Business to Business calls, which option must be configured on an Expressway Edge to route calls to an unknown

A. SIP trunk to a public DNS server
B. traversal zone to a public DNS address
C. DNS zone and a public DNS address
D. neighbor zone to the other business

Correct Answer: C



An engineer wants to only allow the registration of endpoints with aliases containing cisco.com asthe domain. Which
option accomplishes this task?

A. Set the restriction policy to “Deny” and include the expression.*@*in the deny list.
B. Set the restriction policy to “Allow” and include the expression\l@ cisco.com in the allow list.
C. Set the restriction policy to “Allow” and include the expression. *@cisco. com in the allow list.
D. Set the restriction policy to “None” and include the expression \1@ cisco.com in the allow list.

Correct Answer: C



Which statement about integrating a Cisco Expressway with a resilient and scalable Cisco Meeting Server deployment
is true?

A. Neither Expressway cores nor Expressway edges can be integrated with Cisco Meeting Server.
B. Only Cisco Expressway cores can be integrated with Cisco Meeting Server.
C. Only Expressway edges can be integrated with Cisco Meeting Server.
D. Expressway cores and Expressway edges can be integrated with Cisco Meeting Server.

Correct Answer: D



Which two primary protocols does TMS use to communicate with endpoints and infrastructure? (Choose two.)

D. H.323

Correct Answer: CE



Which SIP message is sent from the called endpoint after the call request is accepted?

A. “Hello”
B. “404 OK”
C. “Connect”
D. “200 OK”

Correct Answer: D

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