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Free 500-901 exam questions and answers


Which two VSANs are automatically created and cannot be deleted? (Choose two.)

A. The Virtual Bridging VSAN
B. The Isolated VSAN
C. The Fabric Control VSAN
D. The Default VSAN

Correct Answer: BD



You disassociated a Database Server Service Profile from your existing UCS C240 M4. Then, you associate a Web
Server Service Profile to this UCS C240M4. The Database Server Service Profile contained a Scrub Policy enabled for
Disk Scrub. The Web Server Service Profile contains a Scrub Policy disabled for Disk Scrub.
What will happen after the reboot?

A. The process will fail because the Service Profiles are fundamentally different
B. The process will succeed, and server disk content will be preserved
C. The process will fail because of the differences in the Scrub Policies
D. The process will succeed, but server disk content will be lost

Correct Answer: C



What is the purpose of a virtual switch?

A. Virtual switches manage storage requests from virtual machines
B. Virtual switches present NICs to virtual machines for network connectivity
C. Virtual switches recommend QoS options to the hypervisor for network connectivity
D. Virtual switches present NICs to the UCSM for network connectivity

Correct Answer: B



What is a Universally Unique Identifier in the context of Cisco Unified Computing System?

A. A unique identifier used to identify an object or entity on the internet.
B. A unique identifier used in server profiles enabling server mobility.
C. A unique identifier used in application profiles enabling server mobility.
D. A unique identifier used in service profiles enabling server mobility.

Correct Answer: D



In the context of Cisco\\’s unified Computing System, which three Cisco best practices are recommended when creating
WWN pools? (Choose three.)

A. All WWN must use “20” for the first octet
B. Define a standard convention for WWNs agreed upon by all stakeholders for address blocks
C. Select the default values presented by UCS Central
D. Use Cisco\\’s OUI (00:25:B5) for the 3rd to 5th octets in WWN
E. Use the same hex value for 1st and 2nd octets in WWNN and WWPN
F. Engage the security team to request WWNs

Correct Answer: ADE



An administrator is setting up a new VSAN and needs to use IVR to allow access to backup tape storage targets located
in a different VSAN. There is an existing Nexus 5K switch in the SAN fabric that the admin would like to use; however,
the switch is not IVR-enabled.
How can the Cisco Nexus switch be used?

A. It cannot be used, since only MDS Switches implement IVR.
B. As a Transit switch.
C. As a Border switch or IVR NAT gateway.
D. As an Edge switch.

Correct Answer: D



Which two QoS classes are enabled by default on Cisco\\’s UCS servers? (Choose two.)

A. Silver
B. Platinum
C. Best Effort
D. Fibre Channel
E. Bronze

Correct Answer: CD



A UCS admin needs to use the department Active Directory (AD) server for UCS user authorization. However, the AD
administrator is reluctant to modify the AD schema, but is willing to add Group membership for UCS users.
How is the UCS administrator expected to use AD?

A. For user authorization but not for authentication.
B. Use AD Schema User Extensions (AD/SUE) to do an on demand schema modification.
C. Use the Group membership information to assign the authorization policy with LDAP Group Maps.
D. Will not be able to use AD, must use the local UCS user database.

Correct Answer: B



What is contained in Service Profiles?

A. Management and server configurations
B. Identity and state information for a logical server
C. Application specific service requirements
D. State information for a physical server

Correct Answer: B



Where can World Wide Node Name be defined?

A. In neither vHBA template nor SAN connectivity policy
B. In vHBA template only
C. In SAN connectivity policy only
D. In both, vHBA template or SAN connectivity policy

Correct Answer: B



What aspect of Cisco UCS servers enables multi-tenancy and provides an administrative hierarchy to organize

A. Resource pools
B. Organizations
C. Service profile templates
D. Service profiles

Correct Answer: B



Which Cisco UCS core element maintains the UCS XML database?

A. Cisco Finite State Machine
B. Cisco Data Management Engine
C. Cisco UCS Manager
D. Cisco Application Gateways

Correct Answer: C



You just installed a group of new Cisco UCS Servers in an ESX Cluster. Now, you want to deploy Nexus 1000v in this
virtual environment.
Which two statements regarding the scenario are true? (Choose two.)

A. Nexus 1000v VEM will act as the Control Plane, while Nexus 1000v VSM acts as a remote line card
B. Nexus 1000v VSM will act as the Control Plane, while Nexus 1000v VEM acts as a remote line card
C. Nexus 1000v is not supported on ESX
D. Nexus 1000v VSM is deployed in vCenter, Nexus 1000v VEM is deployed in each ESX Host
E. Nexus 1000v VEM is deployed in vCenter, Nexus 1000v VSM is deployed in each ESX Host

Correct Answer: BD



What condition requires Inter VSAN Routing (IVR)?

A. The targets are in the same Initiator Group.
B. When the path between source and destination edge VSANs require the traffic to pass through several VSANs
before reaching the destination.
C. When using MDS 9000 series SAN Directors.
D. Transit VSANs are integral to the IVR architecture and are always required.

Correct Answer: B



In a USC domain, the Storage role contains storage related privileges, and the Server role contains server related
privileges. A user has joined the group that will need to have both Server roles.
What does the UCS administrator need to do in order to accommodate the new user?

A. Create one user account and assign both roles to that account.
B. Create two login accounts for the user, one for each role, since an account can only assign one role.
C. Create one user account and map it to a locale that contains both roles.
D. Create one user account, but and define two login domains, one for each role.

Correct Answer: A

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