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Refer to Exhibit. lead4pass 200-301 exam questions q1

The loopback1 interface of the Atlanta router must reach the loopback3 interface of the Washington router. Which two
static host routes must be configured on the NEW York router? (Choose two)
A. ipv6 route 2000::1/128 2012::1
B. ipv6 route 2000::3/128 2023::3
C. ipv6 route 2000::3/128 s0/0/0
D. ipv6 route 2000::1/128 2012::2
E. ipv6 route 2000::1/128 s0/0/1
Correct Answer: AB

What are two reasons a network administrator would use CDP? (Choose two.)
A. to verify the type of cable interconnecting two devices
B. to determine the status of network services on a remote device
C. to obtain VLAN information from directly connected switches
D. to verify Layer 2 connectivity between two devices when Layer 3 fails
E. to obtain the IP address of a connected device in order to telnet to the device
F. to determine the status of the routing protocols between directly connected routers
Correct Answer: DE

QUESTION 3lead4pass 200-301 exam questions q3

Refer to the exhibit. A packet is being sent across router R1 to host What is the destination route for the
A. via Serial0/0/0
B. via Serial0/0/0
C. via Serial0/0/1
D. via Serial0/1/0
Correct Answer: D

Drag and drop the network protocols from the left onto the correct transport services on the right.
Select and Place:lead4pass 200-301 exam questions q4

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 200-301 exam questions q4-1

Refer to the exhibit. What is the result if Gig1/11 receives an STP BPDU?lead4pass 200-301 exam questions q5

A. The port transitions to STP blocking
B. The port transitions to the root port
C. The port immediately transitions to STP forwarding.
D. The port goes into error-disable state
Correct Answer: D

Which set of actions satisfy the requirement for multifactor authentication?
A. The user enters a user name and password, and then re-enters the credentials on a second screen.
B. The user swipes a key fob, then clicks through an email link.
C. The users enters a user name and password, and then clicks a notification in an authentication app on a mobile
D. The user enters a PIN into an RSA token, and then enters the displayed RSA key on a login screen.
Correct Answer: C
This is an example of how two-factor authentication (2FA) works:
The user logs in to the website or service with their username and password.
The password is validated by an authentication server and, if correct, the user becomes eligible for the second factor.
The authentication server sends a unique code to the user\\’s second-factor method (such as a smartphone app).
The user confirms their identity by providing the additional authentication for their second-factor method.

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 200-301 exam questions q7

If OSPF is running on this network, how does Router 2 handle traffic from Site B to 10.10.13/25 at Site A?
A. It load-balances traffic out of Fa0/1 and Fa0/2.
B. It is unreachable and discards the traffic.
C. It sends packets out of interface Fa0/2.
D. It sends packets out of interface Fa0/1.
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. The ntp server command has been configured on router 1 to make it an NTP client of
router 2.
Which command must be configured on router 2 so that it operates in server-only mode and relies only on its internal
clock?lead4pass 200-301 exam questions q8

A. Router2(config)#ntp passive
B. Router2(config)#ntp server
C. Router2(config)#ntp master 4
D. Router2(config)#ntp server
Correct Answer: C

Which JSON data type is an unordered set of attribute- value pairs?
A. array
B. string
C. object
D. Boolean
Correct Answer: C

Which two actions influence the EIGRP route selection process? (Choose two.)
A. The advertised distance is calculated by a downstream neighbor to inform the local router of the bandwidth on the
B. The router calculates the feasible distance of all paths to the destination route.
C. The router must use the advertised distance as the metric for any given route.
D. The router calculates the best backup path to the destination route and assigns it as the feasible successor.
E. The router calculates the reported distance by multiplying the delay on the exiting interface by 256.
Correct Answer: BD
The reported distance (or advertised distance) is the cost from the neighbor to the destination. It is calculated from the
router advertising the route to the network. For example in the topology below, suppose router A and B are exchanging
their routing tables for the first time. Router B says “Hey, the best metric (cost) from me to IOWA is 50 and the metric
from you to IOWA is 90” and advertises it to router A. Router A considers the first metric (50) as the Advertised
distance. The second metric (90), which is from NEVADA to IOWA (through IDAHO), is called the Feasible distance.lead4pass 200-301 exam questions q10

Feasible successor is the backup route. To be a feasible successor, the route must have an Advertised distance (AD)
less than the Feasible distance (FD) of the current successor route.
Feasible distance (FD): The sum of the AD plus the cost between the local router and the next-hop router. The router
must calculate the FD of all paths to choose the best path to put into the routing table.
Note: Although the new CCNA exam does not have EIGRP topic but you should learn the basic knowledge of this
routing protocol.

Which command enables a router to become a DHCP client?
A. ip address dhcp
B. ip dhcp client
C. ip helper-address
D. ip dhcp pool
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ios-xml/ios/ipaddr_dhcp/configuration/12-4/dhcp-12-4-book/configdhcp-client.html If we want to get an IP address from the DHCP server on a Cisco device, we can use the command “ip
address dhcp”.

You have configured a router with an OSPF router ID, but its IP address still reflects the physical interface. Which action
can you take to correct the problem in the least disruptive way?
A. Reload the OSPF process
B. Specify a loopback address
C. Reboot the router
D. Save the router configuration
Correct Answer: A
Once an OSPF Router ID selection is done, it remains there even if you remove it or configure another OSPF Router ID.
So the least disruptive way is to correct it using the command “clear ip ospf process”.

Which mode must be used to configure EtherChannel between two switches without using a negotiation protocol?
A. active
B. on
C. auto
D. desirable
Correct Answer: B
The Static Persistence (or “on” mode) bundles the links unconditionally and no negotiation protocol is used. In this
mode, neither PAgP nor LACP packets are sent or received.

When OSPF learns multiple paths to a network, how does it select a route?
A. For each existing interface, it adds the metric from the source router to the destination to calculate the route with the
lowest bandwidth.
B. It counts the number of hops between the source router and the destination to determine the route with the lowest
C. It divides a reference bandwidth of 100 Mbps by the actual bandwidth of the exiting interface to calculate the route
with the lowest cost.
D. It multiples the active K values by 256 to calculate the route with the lowest metric.
Correct Answer: C

Drag and drop the statement about networking from the left into the Corresponding networking types on the right. Not all
statements are used.
Select and Place:lead4pass 200-301 exam questions q15

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 200-301 exam questions q15-1

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