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Refer to the exhibitCisco 352-001 exam questions q1

A service provider would like to use Ethernet OAM to detect end-to-end connectivity failures between SP-SW1 and SPSW2. In which two of these ways can you design this solution? (Choose two.)
A. Enable Y.1731 Connectivity Fault Management on the SP switches.
B. E-LMI PDUs must be forwarded over VPLS.
C. Cisco Discovery Protocol PDUs must be forwarded over the VPLS.
D. Use upward maintenance endpoints on the SP switches.
E. Enable IEEE 802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management on the SP switches.
Correct Answer: DE


Which two conditions must be met for EIGRP to maintain an alternate loop-free path to a remote network? (Choose
A. The Reported Distance from a successor is lower than the local Feasible Distance
B. The Reported Distance from a successor is higher than the local Feasible Distance
C. A feasible successor must be present
D. The feasible Distance from a successor is lower than the local Reported Distance
E. The feasibility condition do not need to be met
Correct Answer: AC


Refer to the exhibit.Cisco 352-001 exam questions q3

The network administrator of a large-scale EIGRP network has found that one hub- andspoke topology in the network is
incurring a lot of link flaps. While several attempts have been made to reduce the number of link flaps, it does not
that the stability of the hub-and-spoke topology can be improved.
The reason for this is that most failures seem to result from power outages in a number of locations.
Which course of action should the network administrator follow?
A. switch routing protocols to OSPF, then create area boundaries to reduce the size of fault domains
B. summarize the routes advertised into the core of the network to reduce the impact of these frequent failures
C. demand that uninterruptible power supplies be installed at every point in the network to prevent future outages
D. switch routing protocols to IS-IS, which handles large neighbor counts better and supports Partial SPF by default
Correct Answer: B


An MPLS service provider is offering a standard EoMPLS-based VPLS service to Customer A, providing Layer 2
connectivity between a central site and approximately 100 remote sites. Customer A wants to use the VPLS network to
carry its internal multicast video feeds, which are sourced at the central site and consist of 20 groups at 5 Mb/s each.
Which service provider recommendation is the most scalable?
A. EoMPLS-based VPLS already carries multicast traffic in a scalable manner.
B. Replicate the multicast traffic on the P routers.
C. Replace VPLS with a Layer 3 MVPN solution to carry the streams between sites.
D. Use GRE tunnels to carry the streams between sites.
Correct Answer: C


What are two reasons to choose L2TPv3 over other technologies for a VPN solution? (Choose two.)
A. The VPN solution does not contain MPLS on the network core.
B. The VPN solution should support Frame Relay to Ethernet pseudowire connections.
C. The VPN solution requires multipoint Ethernet LAN service.
D. The VPN solution should be industry-standard.
Correct Answer: AD


Which IPv4 addressing and routing scheme can increase the availability of a network service during a DoS attack?
A. unicast
B. broadcast
C. anycast
D. multicast
Correct Answer: C


During a corporate merger, a network designer is asked for a solution that will provide connectivity between the two
enterprise networks. The solution must have the ability to support video sessions so that the CEO can message merger
activities to the employees. The designer decides to consider multicast as a transport with MSDP to provide
redundancy. Which transport feature does the network designer need to apply to the interconnecting firewall to ensure
that Source-Active messages between the MSDP peers can be sent in both enterprise networks?
A. unicast over a UDP connection
B. multicast over a UDP connection
C. unicast over a TCP connection
D. multicast over a TCP connection
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.Cisco 352-001 exam questions q8

R2 and R3 are running EBGP and are learning Network A and Network B. R2 and R3 are also running IBGP to
exchange Network A and Network B. OSPF is IGP. R2 and R3 are advertising default routes. R1 and R4 can send and
traffic from Network A and Network B respectively. However, Network A cannot send traffic to Network B.
How can you solve this problem?
A. create a tunnel between R2 and R3
B. create a tunnel between R2 and R4
C. create static default routes pointing from R1 and R4 to R2 and R3, respectively
D. convert R3 and R2 to ABRs so that R1 and R4 can choose the closest ABR to exit the network
Correct Answer: A


What information can you get from TCP flags while assessing an attack?
A. Type of attack
B. Target of the attack
C. Priority of the attack traffic
D. Source of the attack
Correct Answer: A


Which two mechanisms can provide fast Layer 2 down detection in Frame Relay networks? (Choose two.)
A. asynchronous LMI
B. millisecond LMI timers
C. A-bit signaling
D. Frame BFD Lite
E. section 9 LMI convergence
Correct Answer: AC


You are evaluating convergence characteristics of various interior gateway protocols for a new network design.
Which technology allows link-state routing protocols to calculate paths to destination prefixes that are functionally similar
to feasible successors in Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol?
A. Incremental Shortest Path First
B. Cisco Multiprotocol Label Switching Traffic Engineering Fast Reroute
C. Loop-Free Alternate Fast Reroute
D. partial route calculation
E. Fast-Flooding
Correct Answer: C


Which two design characteristics of Resilient Ethernet Protocol on a Metro Ethernet infrastructure are true? (Choose
A. Resilient Ethernet Protocol provides fast convergence on Layer 2 ring domains
B. Unidirectional Link Detection Protocol can be used in combination with Resilient Ethernet Protocol
C. Resilient Ethernet Protocol cannot load balance VLAN traffic across a ring
D. Resilient Ethernet and Spanning Tree Protocol can reside on the same switch and on the same port
E. Resilient Ethernet Protocol and Spanning Tree Protocol rings or domains can share a common link
Correct Answer: AB


What is the function of the Community String field defined in a trap PDU?
A. enable the routing of messages
B. allow authentication by management station
C. enable reliable delivery of messages
D. isolate the PDU within a defined region of the network
Correct Answer: B


A customer uses OSPF and BGP in their network. Which solution will continue forwarding packets during a temporary
failure of a P node?
A. Deploy MPLS TE
B. Enable BGP Flowspec
C. Enable NSF/GR for OSPF
D. Deploy IS-IS an IGP instead of OSPF
Correct Answer: A


You are designing an OSPF network with multiple areas of for a large client. Due to the size of the routing domain, all
areas except the backbone area are configured as stub areas. A new requirement is to connect a WAN link to a partner
organization with a static route to one of the stub areas, area 100. What should you do to redesign area 100, if anything,
in order to support this WAN link while minimizing the size of the link state database?
A. Convert area 100 into an NSSA.
B. Redistribute the static route as OSPF type E1.
C. Convert area 100 into a normal area.
D. No configuration changes to area 100 are needed.
Correct Answer: A

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