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The latest updated Cisco Channel Partner Program 500-560 exam dumps contain PDF and VCE.
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Which Cisco product is the network management system,foundational controller,and analytics platform all the center of
……. network?
A. Cisco DNA Spaces
B. Cisco Meraki
C. Cisco DNA Center
D. Cisco Wireless Solutions
Correct Answer: C


Which action occurs once an organization\\’s licensing expires?
A. Under the `Organization tab\\’ the \\’License info\\’ has a message that blinks yellow indicating your license has
B. The organization loses all configuration and analytics information.
C. The organization is immediately shut down.
D. The organization enters a 30-day grace period to resolve the situation in order to return to compliance.
Correct Answer: D


What switching product should you lead with for a midmarket customer?
A. Catalyst C9200
B. Catalyst SG 550xG
C. SG250X
D. C2960L
Correct Answer: B

Which portfolio of Cisco routers supports Aggregation?
A. CSR 1000V
B. ASR 1000
C. ISR 4000
D. ISR 900
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following best describes the ISR 1000?
A. a routing solution for customers who do not need an SD-WAN architecture
B. a high-performance single platform capable meeting Gigabit forwarding performance needs
C. a high-performance platform that offers SD-WAN, comprehensive security, and wired and wireless access
D. an entry-level platform delivering WAN, comprehensive security, and cellular connectivity
Correct Answer: D


What is one benefit of the Aironet 4800 AP?
A. cost-effectiveness for small-to medium-sized deployments
B. modularity for investment protection
C. Cisco CleanAir
D. industry-leading hyperlocation
Correct Answer: D


What is the next largest operating expense for a typical corporation after employee salaries?
A. information technology and technology purchases
B. network administration costs
C. corporate real estate costs
D. software licensing costs
Correct Answer: A


What next-generation feature is supported by the Cisco Meraki MS platform?
A. Multigigabit Ethernet
B. Multi-chassis Trunking
C. Power stacking
D. Fibre Channel
Correct Answer: C


Which three product capabilities allow Cisco DNA Spaces to deliver business value?
A. Sense, Act, and Partner
B. View, Interpret, and Act
C. See, Anticipate, and Respond
D. See, Act, and Extend
Correct Answer: D


Which is a feature of certain Cisco RV series routers?
A. Intelligent Path Control for policy-based routing
B. integrated Sourcefire Intrusion Prevention
C. intelligent caching with Akamai Connect
D. secure VPN access for 5 to 100 users
Correct Answer: D


Which feature solution of Cisco DNA Center drives the concept of SLA and guarantees that the infrastructure is doing
what you intended it to do?
A. Cisco DNA Assurance
B. Cisco ACI Anywhere
C. Cisco DNA Spaces
D. Cisco HyperFlex
Correct Answer: A


What is one advantage of Umbrella branch package?
A. prevent already-infected devices from connecting to command and control
B. prevent guest or corporate users from connecting to malicious domains and IP addresses
C. deploy the branch package on a Cisco ISR4K router in 4 easy steps
D. no client side configuration required
Correct Answer: B


Which product is considered part of the Cisco Meraki full stack?
A. UCS servers
B. MR wireless access points
C. Aironet wireless access points
D. Catalyst switches
Correct Answer: B


What is the interface used to access the Cisco Meraki Dashboard?
A. Web browser
B. Terminal (Mac) or Command Prompt (Windows)
C. Cisco lOS command line interface (CLl)
D. Secure Shell (SSH)
Correct Answer: A


Which Catalyst 9800 series controller would you recommend for a small branch and campus deployments up to 200
A. Catalyst 9800-SW
B. Catalyst 9800-CL
C. Catalyst 9800-40
D. Catalyst 9800-80
Correct Answer: A

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