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Which option is the maximum capacity of a Cisco BE7000 appliance deployment?
A. no enforced limit
B. 10000
C. 5000
D. 1000
Correct Answer: C


Which products are needed to deploy Cisco WebEx Meeting Center?
A. on-premises server running Cisco WebEx Meeting Center VM
B. on-premises client-server
C. on-premises endpoints
D. No endpoints or servers are needed to deploy Cisco WebEx Meeting Center
Correct Answer: D


Which alias do you dial from the video endpoint to start a Cisco WebEx Personal Room meeting?
A. @
B. /join/
C. @WebEx.com
D. /meet/
Correct Answer: A


Which devices are participants allowed to use to join WebEx Evert Center Meetings?
A. Windows and Mac computers
B. Mac computers and iPhone and iPad devices
C. Windows and Mac computers; Android, iPhone, and iPad devices; and Cisco TelePresence endpoints
D. Windows and Mac computers and Android, iPhone, and iPad devices
Correct Answer: D


What is a Spark Phone?
A. UC VoIP and video phones that associate with an individual user or location
B. UC VoIP phones that associate with a location
C. UC VOIP phones that associate with an individual user
D. UC VOIP and video phones that associate with an individual use
Correct Answer: C


In which ways can your Cisco WebEx account be accessed?
A. web portal, WebEx productivity tool, and email client plugins
B. web portal only
C. WebEx productivity tool and email client plug-ins
D. Web portal and email client plug-ins
Correct Answer: B


Which option is an important advantage to using Cisco WebEx Event Center?
A. You can track results and send follow-up emails automatically.
B. You can host personal one-on-one sessions.
C. You can engage participants with breakout sessions.
D. You can offer support with the click of a button.
Correct Answer: A


Which benefit to purchasing a Cisco Spark Flex Plan is true?
A. Enhance flexibility with on-premises services.
B. Enhance flexibility with cloud services.
C. Enhance flexibility with the ability to mix and transition between on-premises and cloud services.
D. Enhance flexibility with the ability to choose between on-premises or cloud services.
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/unified-communications/spark-flex-plan/index.html#~stickynav=1


Which purpose of a PIN is true?
A. It identifies you as the host when you start a meeting.
B. It is used by Video Telepresence users when accessing your Personal Room.
C. lt is sent to participants to access a meeting in their Personal Room.
D. Used to log into the web portal.
Correct Answer: A


Which statement about starting a Cisco WebEx Personal Room meeting is true?
A. Alternate hosts can start Personal Room meetings by phone.
B. Meeting that is set to lock automatically must be started using the WebEx application.
C. The host PIN is not needed to start a meeting as long as the access code is entered.
D. You can lock or unlock meetings by phone.
Correct Answer: D


Which option is a component of Cisco Spark?
A. scheduling
B. polling questions
C. calling
D. whiteboard sharing
Correct Answer: C


Which support tools option is available in the Cisco WebEx Support Center?
A. Monitor all sessions and agent activity at the queue and support-representative levels.
B. Allow recording of support sessions manually or automatically
C. Allow technicians to reboot and reconnect.
D. Set up queues with rules-based routing, by availability or skill set.
Correct Answer: B


Which statement about alternate hosts in your Cisco WebEx Personal Room is true?
A. Alternate hosts can be assigned to everyone within your organization or no one.
B. Everyone within your organization is automatically alternate hosts.
C. You can specify only one individual as an alternate host.
D. Alternate hosts cannot start a meeting from video systems or applications.
Correct Answer: A

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