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Which three additional management tools are included in HXDP to configure HyperFlex clusters? (Choose three.)
A. UCS Manager
B. Storage CLI
C. Data Center Network Manager
D. Cisco IMC 13
F. HyperFlex Connect
Correct Answer: BEF

Which two statements on Replication Factors are valid? (Choose two.)
A. RF2 has 100% better protection of data while using 33% more space and is recommended.
B. RF3 has 100% better protection of data while using 33% more space and is recommended.
C. LAZ can increase RTO for 16+ node clusters.
D. When performing rolling upgrades, the upgraded node is down for maintenance, stretching RF2 to the absolute limit.
E. LAZ can decrease fault tolerance of S+ node clusters to less than 4
Correct Answer: BD

With which three components must every HyperFlex cluster be equipped with in regard to disks? (Choose three.)
A. NVMe drives
B. there are no specific requirements
C. same type of cache drives
D. same type and size of capacity of drives
E. same number of capacity drives
F. SAS drives
Correct Answer: CDE

Which two Cisco UCS Servers support converged nodes in HyperFlex Data Platform (HXDP)? (Choose two.)
A. HX 220
B. UCSB200
C. UCS C480
D. UCS B480
E. HX240
Correct Answer: AE

Which two components are automatically configured from the information provided to the HyperFlex installer? (Choose
two )
A. the network
B. operating system deployment preparation
C. controller VM configuration
D. application dependencies
E. server firmware policy
Correct Answer: AC

Which two steps should be performed before installing HyperFlex? (Choose two.)
A. Determine and download recommended hypervisor
B. Determine and download recommended VCenter required
C. Download service profile templates
D. Determine and download recommended UCS firmware required.
E. Determine and download virtual machine OS\\’ required.
Correct Answer: AD

Which two features enable RAID cards striping as well as mirroring and parity? (Choose two.)
A. Integration with Cisco Intersight for a cloud-based storage management solution.
B. No load on the system resources, drives seem as one drive to the operating system
C. On RAID card failure, the RAID onboard concurrent cache assists rebuild cache.
D. Hot replacement of drives available, depending on configuration
E. Distributed drives across disparate systems can be in RAID together.
Correct Answer: BD

How many separate VLANs must each HyperFlex node be configured with running ESXi?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Correct Answer: D

Which three functionalities are provided by VAAI? (Choose three.)
A. When a native snapshot is requested, the request is processed by the hypervisor.
B. Missing pieces of data are re-created from the remaining nodes in service
C. Cisco HXDP creates a file system native snapshot which is registered in the vSphere.
D. VAAI performs caching, deduplication: and compression of data.
E. Instead of the snapshot being performed in hypervisor it is offloaded to Cisco HXDP.
F. VAAI uses RAID to consolidate disks into a shared data platform.
Correct Answer: ACE

Where is the VIC configuration for number type, identify, failover, settings, and bandwidth stored?
A. in non-volatile memory on the VIC
B. in UCS Manager service profiles
C. in VCenter virtual machine image
D. in UCS Manager server profiles
Correct Answer: D

Which version of HXDP was the first to support multiple VICs on a single server?
A. HXDP 3.5.1
B. HXDP 3.0
C. HXDP 4.0
D. HXDP 3.5
Correct Answer: A

Which Cisco UCS Server running HXDP supports the largest storage pool?
A. UCS B200
B. HX220
C. HX 240
D. UCS B480
Correct Answer: C

Cisco HyperFlex AII-NVMe nodes are expected to be supported beginning in which HXDP version\\’?
A. HXDP 4.0.1
B. HXDP 3.5.1
C. HXDP 3 5.2
D. HXDP 4.0
Correct Answer: D

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