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Cisco 500-301 exam practice questions

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Which statement about starting a Cisco WebEx Personal Room meeting is true?

A. Alternate hosts tan start Personal Room meetings by phone.
B. The host PIN is not needed to start a meeting as long as the access code is entered.
C. You can lock or unlock meetings by phone.
D. Meetings that are set to lock automatically must be started using the WebEx application.


Which end goal does Cisco have about Interoperability?

A. for Microsoft to comply with interoperable standards
B. for everyone to stop talking about interoperability as if it is an option
C. for everyone to use SCCP
D. for everyone to comply with the Cisco standard


Which capabilities in its products does Cisco focus on to differentiate itself from other vendors?

A. intelligent features and great design only
B. delightful user experience and intelligent feature only
C. great design, delightful user experience, and intelligent features
D. great design only


Which path do you take to configure alternate hosts from your Cisco WebEx Personal Room settings?

A. Preferences > My Personal Room > Alternate Host
B. My WebEx > My Personal Room > Alternate Host
C. My WebEx > Preferences > Alternate Host
D. My WebEx > Preferences > My Personal Room > Alternate Host

Explanation: https://collaborationhelp.cisco.com/article/en- us/b5z6he#task_882A046F362A4A35368B43889D2B62A4


Which product in the Cisco Spark Flex Plan offers advanced multimodal firewall traversal for mobile and remote access
to unified communications services?

A. Cisco Meeting Server
B. Cisco Unified Communications Server
C. Cisco Expressway Series Servers
D. Cisco Unified Connection Server


Which feature can be customized in your Cisco WebEx Personal Room view?

A. Automatically lock your room.
B. Change your PIN.
C. Change the drink image.
D. Configure alternate hosts.


Which statement about alternate hosts in your Cisco WebEx Personal Room is true?

A. You can specify only one individual as an alternate host.
B. Everyone within your organization is automatically an alternate host.
C. Alternate host can be assigned to every within your organization or no one.
D. Alternate hosts cannot start a meeting from video systems or applications.


In which ways can your Cisco WebEx account be accessed?

A. WebEx productivity tool and email client plug-ins
B. web portal, WebEx productivity tool, and email client plugins
C. web portal and email client plug-ins
D. web portal only


Which products are needed to deploy Cisco WebEx Meeting Center?

A. on-premises server running Cisco WebEx Meeting Center VM
B. on-premises client-server
C. on-premises endpoints
D. No endpoints or servers are needed to deploy Cisco WebEx Meeting Center


Which formats can a Skype for Business user dial to connect to a meeting in Cisco WebEx Meeting Center?

A. [email protected]
B. [email protected]
C. @.webex.com
D. @lync.webex.com


What happens to participants who try to access your Cisco WebEx Personal Room when the Lock option is enabled?

A. Those participants are disconnected.
B. Those participants hear a busy message and then are disconnected.
C. Those participants are presented with a busy message and the option to join the meeting or wait until you are free.
D. Those participants are redirected to a virtual waiting room.


Which option lists the Cisco Spark Flex Support plans that offer 24×7 Cisco Technical Assistance Center phone support
with a 1-hour response time?

A. Basic, Enhanced, and Premium
B. Basic and Enhanced
C. Enhanced and Premium
D. Basic


Which benefits can be shared from the knowledge you gained in your video conferencing experiences to encourage
others to use video conferencing?

A. Help others host their own meetings, encourage teams to explore possibilities of video, and have people come
together easily from all over the world.
B. People locally can come together easily.
C. Set up and host meetings for others in your organization.
D. Encourage teams across your organization to explore the possibilities of video for themselves.


Which manager tools option is available in the Cisco WebEx Support Center?

A. Set up queues with rules-based routing, by availability or skill set.
B. Provide notification when a customer is in your queue.
C. Send out a post-survey and notes
D. Allow technicians to reboot and reconnect.


Which connector in a Cisco Spark Hybrid deployment provides integration between on-premises call processing
services and Cisco collaboration Cloud?

A. management connector
B. directory connector
C. call connector
D. calendar connector

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