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Cisco CyberOps Professional 350-201 exam question and answer online practice exam


cisco 350-201 certification exam q1

Refer to the exhibit. Where does it signify that a page will be stopped from loading when a scripting attack is detected?
A. x-frame-options
B. x-content-type-options
C. x-xss-protection
D. x-test-debug
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/identity/ad-fs/operations/customize-http-security-headersad-fs

A company\\’s web server availability was breached by a DDoS attack and was offline for 3 hours because it was not
deemed a critical asset in the incident response playbook. Leadership has requested a risk assessment of the asset. An
analyst conducted the risk assessment using the threat sources, events, and vulnerabilities.
Which additional element is needed to calculate the risk?
A. assessment scope
B. event severity and likelihood
C. incident response playbook
D. risk model framework
Correct Answer: D

Drag and drop the phases to evaluate the security posture of an asset from the left onto the activity that happens during
the phases on the right.
Select and Place:

cisco 350-201 certification exam q3

Correct Answer:

cisco 350-201 certification exam q3-1

Drag and drop the function on the left onto the mechanism on the right.
Select and Place:

cisco 350-201 certification exam q4

Correct Answer:

cisco 350-201 certification exam q4-1


cisco 350-201 certification exam q5

Refer to the exhibit. Cisco Rapid Threat Containment using Cisco Secure Network Analytics (Stealthwatch) and ISE
detects the threat of malware-infected 802.1x authenticated endpoints and places that endpoint into a Quarantine VLAN
using Adaptive Network Control policy.
Which telemetry feeds were correlated with SMC to identify the malware?
A. NetFlow and event data
B. event data and Syslog data
C. SNMP and Syslog data
D. NetFlow and SNMP
Correct Answer: B


cisco 350-201 certification exam q6

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is investigating a case with suspicious usernames within the active directory. After the
engineer investigates and cross-correlates events from other sources, it appears that the 2 users are privileged, and
their creation date matches suspicious network traffic that was initiated from the internal network 2 days prior.
Which type of compromise is occurring?
A. compromised insider
B. compromised root access
C. compromised database tables
D. compromised network
Correct Answer: D

A threat actor used a phishing email to deliver a file with an embedded macro. The file was opened, and a remote code
execution attack occurred in a company\\’s infrastructure. Which steps should an engineer take at the recovery stage?
A. Determine the systems involved and deploy available patches
B. Analyze event logs and restrict network access
C. Review access lists and require users to increase password complexity
D. Identify the attack vector and update the IDS signature list
Correct Answer: B

An engineer wants to review the packet overviews of SNORT alerts. When printing the SNORT alerts, all the packet
headers are included, and the file is too large to utilize. Which action is needed to correct this problem?
A. Modify the alert rule to “output alert_syslog: output log”
B. Modify the output module rule to “output alert_quick: output filename”
C. Modify the alert rule to “output alert_syslog: output header”
D. Modify the output module rule to “output alert_fast: output filename”
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://snort-org-site.s3.amazonaws.com/production/document_files/files/000/000/249/original/snort_manual.

An engineer returned to work and realized that payments that were received over the weekend were sent to the wrong
recipient. The engineer discovered that the SaaS tool that processes these payments was down over the weekend.
Which step should the engineer take first?
A. Utilize the SaaS tool team to gather more information on the potential breach
B. Contact the incident response team to inform them of a potential breach
C. Organize a meeting to discuss the services that may be affected
D. Request that the purchasing department creates and sends the payments manually
Correct Answer: A

Which command does an engineer use to set read/write/execute access on a folder for everyone who reaches the
A. chmod 666
B. chmod 774
C. chmod 775
D. chmod 777
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://www.pluralsight.com/blog/it-ops/linux-file-permissions

Refer to the exhibit. A security analyst needs to investigate a security incident involving several suspicious connections
with a possible attacker. Which tool should the analyst use to identify the source IP of the offender?cisco 350-201 certification exam q11

A. packet sniffer
B. malware analysis
D. firewall manager
Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 12cisco 350-201 certification exam q12

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer configured this SOAR solution workflow to identify account theft threats and privilege
escalation, evaluate risk, and respond by resolving the threat. This solution is handling more threats than Security
analysts have time to analyze. Without this analysis, the team cannot be proactive and anticipate attacks.
Which action will accomplish this goal?
A. Exclude the step “BAN malicious IP” to allow analysts to conduct and track the remediation
B. Include a step “Take a Snapshot” to capture the endpoint state to contain the threat for analysis
C. Exclude the step “Check for GeoIP location” to allow analysts to analyze the location and the associated risk-based
on asset criticality
D. Include a step “Reporting” to alert the security department of threats identified by the SOAR reporting engine
Correct Answer: A

Drag and drop the NIST incident response process steps from the left onto the actions that occur in the steps on the
Select and Place:cisco 350-201 certification exam q13

Correct Answer:

cisco 350-201 certification exam q13-1

Reference: https://www.securitymetrics.com/blog/6-phases-incident-response-plan

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