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Cisco 300-820 exam pdf online for free

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Cisco CCNP 300-820 exam question and answer online practice exam

Which step is required when configuring Cisco Webex Hybrid Message Service?
A. Add Expressway-C and Cisco UCM to the Cisco Webex Cloud.
B. Register Expressway-C Connector Hosts to the Cisco Webex Cloud.
C. Add Cisco Unity Connection to Expressway-E.
D. Register Expressway-C to Cisco UCM.
Correct Answer: B

Which two licenses are required for the B2B feature to work? (Choose two.)
A. Traversal Server
B. TURN Relays
C. Rich Media Sessions
D. Advanced Networking
E. Device Provisioning
Correct Answer: BC

What is a key configuration requirement for Hybrid Message Service High Availability deployment with multiple IM and
Presence clusters?
A. You must have the Intercluster Sync Agent working across your IM and Presence clusters.
B. You must have the Intercluster Lookup Service working across all of your IM and Presence clusters.
C. Your IM and Presence Service clusters must have Multiple Device Messaging disabled.
D. AXL service should be activated only on the publisher of each IM and Presence cluster.
Correct Answer: A

When determining why Mobile and Remote Access to Cisco TelePresence equipment does not work anymore for an
organization. There are several administrators and configuration changes could have happened without anyone
knowing. Internal communication seems to be working, but no external system can register or call anywhere. Gathering
symptoms, you also discover that no internal systems can call out either.
What is TraversalZone missing that causes this issue?
A. link to the DefaultZone
B. pipe to the DefaultZone
C. SIP trunk to the DefaultZone
D. route pattern to the DefaultZone
Correct Answer: A

Which configuration is required when implementing Mobile and Remote Access on Cisco Expressway?
B. SAML authentication
C. Cisco Unified CM publisher address
Correct Answer: C

Which step is taken when configuring a Cisco Expressway solution?
A. Configure the Expressway-E by using a non-traversal server zone.
B. Enable static NAT on the Expressway-E only.
C. Disable H.323 mode on the Expressway-E.
D. Enable H.323 H.460.19 demultiplexing mode on the Expressway-C.
Correct Answer: B

When deploying an Expressway Core and Expressway Edge cluster for mobile and remote access, which TLS verity
subject name must be configured on the Expressway-E UC traversal zone?
A. Webex CUSP Cluster Name
B. Expressway-E Cluster Name
C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Publisher FQDN
D. Expressway-C Cluster Name
Correct Answer: D

Which zone is required between Expressway-E and Expressway-C in Mobile and Remote Access deployments?
A. Unified Communications traversal zone
B. neighbor zone
C. DNS zone
D. traversal zone
Correct Answer: A

Which SIP media encryption mode is applied by default for newly created zones in the Cisco Expressway?
A. C…….
B. Auto
C. Force Encrypted
D. Best Effort
Correct Answer: B

What is one of the user-related prerequisites for Jabber Team Messaging Mode Installation?
A. Create user accounts in Cisco Webex Control Hub only.
B. Create user accounts in Cisco Unified Communications Manager only.
C. Create user accounts in Cisco Unified IM and Presence.
D. Create user accounts in Cisco Unified CM and Cisco Webex Control Hub.
Correct Answer: D

In a Mobile and Remote Access deployment, where must communications be encrypted with TLS?
A. Cisco Expressway-E and endpoints outside the enterprise
B. Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and IMandP
C. Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Expressway-E, and Cisco Unified Communications Manager
D. Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Expressway-E, and endpoints outside the enterprise
Correct Answer: A

Which statement about scheduling Expressway backups is true?
A. It is not supported on the application.
B. It is allowed from the application CLI of the Expressway only.
C. It is allowed from the application CLI and GUI of the Expressway.
D. It is allowed from the application GUI of the Expressway only.
Correct Answer: C

An organization wants to enable a Cisco Webex connector to synchronize all employees automatically with Cisco
Webex instead of using a manual list.
Where is the Webex Hybrid Directory Service configured?
A. Install Cisco Directory Connector on a Microsoft Windows Domain server and configure the software and Webex
Control Hub.
B. Enable the directory service in Cisco Unified Communications Manager under Cisco Unified Serviceability and add
the service in Webex Control Hub.
C. Enable the directory service on Cisco Expressway Edge for Office 365 or Cisco Expressway Core for internal Active
Directory and add the service in Webex Control Hub.
D. Install the Cisco Express Connector and configure the device in Cisco Unified Communications Manager under Cisco
Unified Serviceability and add the service in Webex Control Hub.
Correct Answer: A

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