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What is the outcome of executing this command?
git clone ssh:/[email protected]/path/to/my-project.git
A. creates a local copy of a repository called “my-project”
B. initiates a new Git repository called “my-project”
C. creates a copy of a branch called “my-project”
D. creates a new branch called “my-project”
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorials/setting-up-a-repository/git-clone


Which statement about authenticating a RESTCONF API session with a router that runs Cisco IOS XE Software is
A. No authentication is required.
B. OAuth must be used.
C. A token must be retrieved and the associated string must be embedded in the X-Auth-Token header.
D. Basic authentication must be used.
Correct Answer: B


Which type of HTTP method is used by the Meraki nad webex teams APIs to send webhook notifications?
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://meraki.cisco.com/blog/tag/alerts/

Which two types of NAT are used in a network? (Choose two.)
A. routed NAT
B. static NAT
C. multicast NAT
D. normal NAT
E. dynamic NAT
Correct Answer: BE
Reference: https://www.dummies.com/programming/networking/cisco/types-of-network-address- translation/


Refer to the exhibit.cisco 200-901 exam questions q5

A developer must integrate a bot with an internal communication app. The developer wants to replace the webexbot
package with the teamsbot package by using Ansible and prepares a playbook In the first two tasks, the playbook stops
the webexbot and verifies that the teamsbot is installed. What is accomplished in the last task of the workflow when the
developer runs the Ansible playbook?
A. stops the webexbot service and uninstals it and retains its configuration files
B. installs the webexbot and retains the configuration files
C. uninstalls the webexbot package and removes its configuration files
D. searches whether the purge package is available in the repository and uninstalls the webexbot package
Correct Answer: C


What is a benefit of organizing code into modules?
A. improves overall performance
B. reduces the length of code
C. enables code to be multifunctional
D. enables the reuse of code
Correct Answer: D


What are two security benefits of a Docker-based application? (Choose two.)
A. natively secures access to secrets that are used by the running application
B. guarantees container images are secured and free of vulnerabilities
C. easier to patch because Docker containers include only dependencies that the application requires
D. prevents information leakage that can occur when unhandled exceptions are returned in HTTP responses
E. allows for separation of applications that traditionally run on the same host
Correct Answer: AB


How does a developer create and switch to a new branch called “my-bug-fix” to develop a product fix?
A. git checkout -b my-bug-fix
B. git branch -b my-bug-fix
C. git branch my-bug-fix
D. git checkout my-bug-fix
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://www.dnnsoftware.com/community-blog/cid/155105


Drag and drop the HTTP status codes from the left onto the correct descriptions on the right.
Select and Place:cisco 200-901 exam questions q9

Correct Answer:

cisco 200-901 exam questions q9-1


What should a CI/CD pipeline aim to achieve?
A. to require minimal manual interaction
B. to allow manual testing before deployment
C. to support new deployments on a fixed monthly schedule
D. to provide a documented process for feedback
Correct Answer: B

Users cannot access a webserver and after the traffic is captured, the capture tool shows an ICMP packet that reports
“time exceeded in-transit”. What is the cause of this webserver access issue?
A. A router along the path has the wrong time.
B. A router along the path is misrouting the packets in a wrong direction.
C. The server is too loaded and the connection could not be handled in time.
D. The server is too far away and the packets require too much time to reach it.
Correct Answer: B


DRAG DROP Refer to the exhibitcisco 200-901 exam questions q12

A Python script must delete all Cisco Catayst 9300 Series switches that have an uptime that is greater than 90 days The
script must also query for the status of all the other devices Drag and drop the code from the bottom onto the bottom
box the code is missing to complete the script Not at options are used
Select and Place:

cisco 200-901 exam questions q12-1

Correct Answer:

cisco 200-901 exam questions q12-2


After a project is migrated to a new codebase, the “old_project” directory must be deleted. This directory has multiple
read-only flies, and it must be deleted recursively without prompting for confirmation. Which Bash command must be
A. rmdir -p old_project
B. rm -rf old_project
C. rm -r old_project
D. rmdir old_project
Correct Answer: B

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