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Free test Cisco CCNA Data Center 200-150 Exam Questions and Answers

Which situation will cause a switch to flood traffic out all of the ports on the switch?
A. The switch receives a destination MAC address of 0000.0000.0000
B. The switch receives a destination MAC address of ffff.ffff.ffff
C. The switch receives a source MAC address of 0000.0000.0000
D. The switch\\’s TCAM reaches the MAC address limit.
E. The switch was configured in cut-through mode.
Correct Answer: B

What two technologies can be used to connect to storage arrays on a converged Ethernet IP network? (Choose two.)
B. Fiber Channel
D. InfinBand
E. FabricPath
Correct Answer: AC

Which two networking devices operate at Layer 1 of the OSI model? (Choose two.)
A. Repeater
B. Bridge
C. Switch
D. Router
E. Hub
Correct Answer: AE
It defines the electrical and physical specifications of the data connection. It defines the relationship between a device
and a physical transmission medium (e.g. a copper or fiber optical cable). This includes the layout of pins, voltages, line
impedance, cable specifications, signal timing, hubs, repeaters, network adapters, host bus adapters (HBA used in
storage area networks) and more.”

The MAC address table on a Cisco Nexus Server switch is full. What Layer 2 network behavior will occur while the
network MAC address table remains full?
A. All frames will be flooded.
B. Frames with an unknown destination address will be flooded.
C. The switch reset the Mac address table. removin all MAC addresses.
D. The stitch will remove all dynamically MAC address from the table
Correct Answer: B

Which protocol is used to encapsulate Fibre Channel frames, enabling them to be transmitted over Ethernet networks?
D. Ethernet SAN
Correct Answer: A

What happens when there is no entry in the Layer 2 CAM table that corresponds to the destination MAC address of an
incoming frame?
A. The frame is flooded out of all forwarding ports in all VLANs.
B. The frame is flooded out of all forwarding ports in its VLAN, except the port on which it is received.
C. The switch drops the frame.
D. The frame is flooded out of all forwarding ports in its VLAN, including the port on which it is received.
Correct Answer: B

An engineer implemented a new VSAN and examined the F-mode trunks connecting an upstream switch. The engineer
noticed that the new VSAN is stuck in initializing. Which two options explain why this is happening? (Choose two.)
A. A device has not attempted to log in the new VSAN across the trunk.
B. Only the primary VSAN lists as active while subordinate VSANs stay initializing.
C. The trunk must be disabled an re-enabled to join the new VSAN.
D. Only the secondary VSAN lists as active while primary VSANs stay initializing.
E. The new VSAN has not been configured in the upstream switch.
Correct Answer: AE

Which two descriptions of fiber Channel WWNs are true? (Choose two.)
A. 48 bits long
B. 64 or 128 bits long
C. 96 bits long
D. manually configured on each device by an administrator
E. allocated to manufacturers by IEEE
Correct Answer: BE

Which characteristic of the n+1 power redundancy mode is true?
A. It uses fully redundant PSUs supplied by a single circuit.
B. It uses fully redundant PSUs supplied by different circuits.
C. It uses one more PSU than required to power the chassis.
D. It uses the minimum number of PSUs required to power
Correct Answer: A

When comparing TCP and UDP segments, which two fields are found only in TCP segment? (Choose two.)
A. Checksum
B. acknowledgment
C. length
D. source
E. Sequence number
Correct Answer: DE

7K-3 and 7k-4 have the following configuration.
Spanning-tree MST 1 priority 24576 Spanning-tree MST configuration name DCICN revision 2 instances 1 VLAN 100-150
Which of the following statements is true about the network?
A. 7K-3 is the mst root for VLANs 100-150
B. 7k-4 is the mst root for VLANs 100-150
C. Both 7k-3 and 7k-4 are the root for VLANs 100-150
D. MST is not enabled on 7k-3 and 7k-4
Correct Answer: D

What action does a switch take if the destination MAC address is unknown?
A. Discard frame
B. Send ICMP unreachable message to the source
C. Flood packet on all ports
D. Compare destination IP address against an ACL to determine if it is permitted
E. Send gratuitous ARP on all ports and wait for the reply before forwarding
Correct Answer: C

An engineer created three VSANs on the Cisco MDS switch. VSAN 100 is allocated to the marketing department, VSAN
110 is allocated to the research department, and VSAN 120 is allocated to the business department. The engineer
wants to verify that the interfaces for the research department are allocated accordingly. Which command should the
engineer use?
A. mdsswitch# show vsan 110
B. mdsswitch# show vsan membership
C. mdsswitch# show vsan
D. mdsswitch# show vsan usage
Correct Answer: C

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