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What is a characteristic of video traffic that governs QoS requirements for video?
A. Video is typically a variable bit rate.
B. Voice and video traffic are different, but they have the same QoS requirements.
C. Video is typically a constant bit rate.
D. Voice and video traffic are the same, so they have the same QoS requirements.

When configuring Cisco Unified Communications Manager, which configuration enables phones to automatically
register to a Cisco Unified Communications publisher when the connection to the subscriber is lost?
A. Cisco Unified CM Group
B. Device Pool
D. Route Group

What field is configured to change the caller ID information on a SIP route pattern?
A. Route Partition
B. Called Party Transformation Mask
C. Calling Party Transformation Mask
D. Connected Line ID Presentation

After an engineer runs the utils NTP status command on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager publisher, the
stratum value is 16. Which issue can the Cisco Unified CM cluster experience?
A. Unified CM sends an NTPV4 packet.
B. Database replication is not synchronized on the Unified CM nodes.
C. The cluster loses access to port 124 at the firewall.
D. The date/time group on all phones defaults to the time zone of the engineer.

Due to provider requirements, outgoing calls from the Enterprise to the PSTN must start with channel 1. Which ISDN
command changes the channel selection and IOS to meet this requirement?
A. isdn bchan-number-order descending
B. ISDN bchan-number-order ascending
C. ISDN protocol-emulate network
D. ISDN incoming-voice voice

What are the two key features of the Expressway series? (Choose two.)
A. VPN connect toward the internal UC resources
B. B2B calls
C. IP to PSTN call connectivity
D. Device registration over the internet
E. SIP header modification

Which capability is supported by Cisco Discovery Protocol but not by LLDP-MED?
A. LAN speed and duplex discovery
B. network policy discovery
C. location identification discovery
D. power discovery
E. trust extension

Cisco Discovery Protocol provides an additional capability not found in LLDP-MED that allows the switch to extend trust to the phone. In this case, the phone is now trusted to mark the packets received on the PC port accordingly. This
the feature can be used to off-load the switch because now it does not need to police the information being received from the phone.
Exam B

Which command in the MGCP gateway configuration defines the secondary Cisco Unified Communications Manager
A. mg cap
B. ccm-manager fallback-mgcp
C. mgcp call-agent
D. ccm-manager redundant-host

An engineer is designing a high availability and failover solution for two Cisco Unified Border Element routers. The first
router ( takes 60% of the calls and the second router ( takes 40% of the calls. Assume
all DNS A records have been created.
Which two SRV records are needed for a load-balanced solution? (Choose two.)
A. 60 IN SRV 2 60
B. 60 IN SRV 60 1
C. 60 IN SRV 1 40
D. 60 IN SRV 3 60
E. 60 IN SRV 1 60

What is the function of the Cisco Unity Connection Call Handler?
A. routes call to a user based on caller input
B. queues calls
C. searches a list of extensions until the call is answered
D. allows customized scripts for IVR capabilities

Which design restriction applies to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition clustering
over the WAN deployment with extended round-trip times in Cisco Unified CM 9.1 and later releases?
A. SIP and H.323 intercluster trunks are supported.
B. Only the SIP trunk is supported.
C. SIP trunks and H.323 gateways are supported.
D. A minimum of 1.544 Mb/s bandwidth is required for all traffic between any two nodes in the cluster.
E. Only RSVP agents can be configured and registered to the SME cluster as media resources.

A Cisco TelePresence SX80 suddenly has issues displaying the main video to a display over HDMI. Which command can
Do you use the SX80 admin CLI to check the video output status to the monitor?
A. xStatus Video Output
B. xCommand Video Status
C. xConfiguration Video Output
D. xStatus HDMI Output

An engineer is configuring a BOT device for a Jabber user in Cisco Unified Communication Manager Which phone type
must be selected?
A. third-party SIP device
B. Cisco Dual Mode for iPhone
C. Cisco Dual Mode for Android
D. Cisco Unified Client Services Framework


According to the QoS Baseline Model, drag and drop the applications from the left onto the correct Per-Hop Behavior
values on the right.
Select and Place:

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Correct Answer:

cisco 350-801 exam questions q14-1

Endpoint A is attempting to call endpoint B. Endpoint A only supports G.711 ulaw with a packetization rate of 20 ms, and endpoint B supports a packetization rate of 30 ms for G.711ulaw. Which two media are resources are allocated to
normalize packetization rates through transrating?
A. Hardware MTP on Cisco IOS Software
B. Software MTP on Cisco Unified Communication Manager
C. Software MTP on Cisco IOS Software
D. Software transcoder on Cisco unified Communications manager
E. Hardware transcoder on Cisco IOS Software

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Free Cisco 350-801 CLCOR exam PDF
The free Cisco 350-801 CLCOR exam PDF is part of the Lead4Pass 350-501 PDF