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13Cisco Customer Success Manager (DTCSM)Lead4PassMar 2022Dec 2021

Which list of components of a Customer Success Quarterly Success Review is common?

A. results from the prior quarter, product roadmap, proposed marketing new products, and confirm goals for the next

B. results from the prior quarter, agreed actions completed, benchmarking with the market, and confirming goals for next

C. results from the prior quarter, services delivered, issues and open services cases, and confirm goals for next quarter

D. results from the prior quarter, cover roadmap and promote new products, and confirm goals for next quarter

Correct Answer: B


Which key industry trend explains the need for companies to invest in a Customer Success practice and Customer
Success Manager role?

A. Service organizations must evolve from a “break-fix” business model to proactive and pre-emptive services that help
prevent problems for customers before they arise and accelerate solution adoption. The CSM advises and professional
services team on the best services for the position.

B. IT budgets are shifting to the line of business decision-makers who want to understand the business outcomes from
technology investments before they purchase. The CSM supports sales with use cases and testimonials for proposed

C. IT is increasingly adopting new consumption models. In a subscription economy, customers can cancel subscriptions
if business value and tangible outcomes are not realized. The CSM ensures that the customer\’s business outcomes
are achieved in the shortest time to value.

D. The accelerated pace of innovation in the era of the Internet of Things confuses many customers. A CSM helps sales
position the right technologies that will accelerate the success of their business.

Correct Answer: C


From a Customer Success perspective, which reason to monitor your customer\’s health is the most important?

A. It provides the opportunity to address any changes in the customer\’s experience or actions around the solution

B. It allows the customer to identify unused licenses so they can be addressed via a service improvement plan

C. Understanding your customer\’s health directly enables renewals

D. It gives the customer valuable insight so they can automatically renew critical on time

Correct Answer: C

Reference: https://www.gainsight.com/customer-success-best-practices/how-to-score-customer-health/


Which scenario represents a use case expansion opportunity?

A. usage KPIs are on target entering the fourth quarter

B. supplementary training sessions are organized on existing features

C. solution management team adds headcount

D. endpoint security solution extended to cover data center servers in addition to laptops

Correct Answer: D


The customer plans to relocate to a new building in the existing area to reduce costs. The company wants to retain talent
through this transition. Which two business outcomes are critical to the company\’s success? (Choose two.)

A. risk management

B. employee satisfaction

C. cost efficiency

D. credibility

E. sustainability

Correct Answer: BC


What is a business adoption barrier?

A. solution is not implemented

B. customer lacks technical knowledge

C. services are unpurchased

D. lack of customer stakeholder

Correct Answer: B


You are a Customer Success Manager and have just been assigned a strategic new account. Which course of action is
the best to help you prepare for the first customer introduction meeting?

A. Engage with the account team to understand the expansion opportunities

B. Perform a deep analysis of all the sales orders for the past 24 months

C. Build an understanding of your customer\’s business and market trends and priorities

D. Speak the internal contacts to understand the customer sentiment and outstanding escalations

Correct Answer: C


What is the first step a Customer Success Manager should take to identify why the solution was purchased?

A. Engage with the customer.

B. Review the bill of materials.

C. Collaborate with the sales team.

D. Evaluate the Customer Success Plan.

Correct Answer: A


Which role within a Customer Success organization acts as a single contact point for a customer across multiple

A. Delivery Team

B. Customer Success Manager

C. Account Manager

D. Customer Success Specialist

Correct Answer: B


What is the best reason for documenting your customer\’s success?

A. To provide awareness of the value achieved by the customer\’s purchased solution

B. To establish KPIs \’s that measure the success of your company\’s business

C. To document roles and responsibilities for your project management

D. To provide expansion opportunities for your sales team

Correct Answer: B


How can Customer Success Plan tracking drive additional license purchases?

A. The Success Plan tracks the mean time to failure of the solution.

B. The Success Plan tracks the number of threats blocked and benchmarks it against the previous year.

C. The Success Plan tracks gains in user productivity and communicates this back to the business.

D. The Success Plan tracks the number of technical support cases opened.

Correct Answer: C


At which stage does the Customer Success Manager initially validate stakeholders?

A. onboarding

B. deployment

C. utilization

D. purchase

Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit. The graph shows a customer with a software product and highlights the number of paid-for licenses
(shown with the orange line) and the number of users actively using the product (shown with the blue line). Which
statement about the customer is true?

Cisco 820-605 exam questions 13

A. The customer has a high probability to renew and will include an expanded opportunity

B. The customer\’s usage is too low to correctly measure the chance of their retention

C. The customer has increased usage, which shows a strong indicator of renewal

D. The customer\’s usage has seen a recent decline and the chance of them churning will be higher

Correct Answer: D

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