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Why become a customer success manager?

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Why become a customer success manager?

How to become a Cisco customer success manager?

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When you receive the success email, you are already a customer success manager.

820-605 CSM
Cisco Customer Success Manager

How can I successfully pass the Cisco 820-605 CSM certification exam?

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During the delivery of a security solution, adoption barriers were identified. Those barriers were addressed, and the
customer\\’s business goals are now fulfilled. The customer is pleased with their solution and shares this experience in
blogs and social media. In which stage is the customer?

A. Adoption
B. Optimize
C. Expand
D. Advocate



Which sources should be used to uncover customer barriers?

A. data, health score, intuition
B. conservation, data, health score
C. observation, conversation, data
D. intuition, observation, data


A Customer Success Manager must deliver high touch customer success experience. Which customer engagement
model must be used?

A. Utilize a digital engagement so all your customers experience the touch of customer success
B. Utilize people to focus on the elite customers for a 1:1 or 1:few onsite customer success experience
C. Utilize the service team to form a larger internal team to lead the engagement
D. Utilize people to focus your customers in a 1:many customer success experience



You notice a decline over time in your customer\\’s usage of your product. Which action do you consider?

A. Tell the customer a new solution will soon be available
B. Carefully tell the customer to get more people to use your product
C. Re-assess the customer\\’s business process and outline the capability of the solution
D. Show the customer a comparison of the solution versus the competition



Which key industry trend explains the need for companies to invest in a Customer Success practice and Customer
Success Manager role?

A. Service organizations must evolve from a “break fix” business model to proactive and pre-emptive services that help
prevent problems for customers before they arise and accelerate solution adoption. The CSM advises and professional
services team on the best services to position.

B. IT budgets are shifting to line of business decision makers who want to understand the business outcomes from
technology investments before they purchase. The CSM supports sales with use cases and testimonials for proposed

C. IT is increasingly adopting new consumption models. In a subscription economy, customers can cancel subscriptions
if business value and tangible outcomes are not realized. The CSM ensures that the customer\\’s business outcomes
are achieved with the shortest time to value.

D. The accelerated pace of innovation in the era of the Internet of Things confuses many customers. A CSM helps sales
position the right technologies that will accelerate success for their business.



Which role within a Customer Success organization acts as a single contact point for a customer across multiple

A. Delivery Team
B. Customer Success Manager
C. Account Manager
D. Customer Success Specialist



You are a Customer Success Manager and have just been assigned a strategic new account. Which course of action is
the best to help you prepare for the first customer introduction meeting?

A. Engage with the account team to understand the expansion opportunities
B. Perform a deep analysis of all the sales orders to the past 24 months
C. Build an understanding of your customer\\’s business and market trends and priorities
D. Speak the internal contacts to understand the customer sentiment and outstanding escalations



What is a financial implication of churn?

A. loss of revenue
B. increased production
C. reduced product utilization
D. contract expansion




The CIO of a bank and their vendor have a significant disagreement over the value of the work that was delivered the
past two years under the existing managed-services contract. The contract renewal process was delayed over three
months, with considerable risk to both parties. Which best practice will help prevent this type of disagreement?

A. Adopt a lifecycle approach with a proactive review of service performance against KPIs.
B. Have the CSM define how value should be measured at the end of the contract period.
C. Engage a third-party mediator to develop contract goals and evaluate the objectives at regular intervals.
D. Have the CIO define a clear IT strategy and implement the suggestions immediately.



In which stage of the Customer Lifecycle does the Success Plan get updated for the first time?

A. Onboard
B. Use
C. Adopt
D. Implement



Which two results of a successful customer onboarding stage are the most important? (Choose two.)

A. organization chart discussed
B. account relationships identified
C. desired business outcomes discussed
D. stakeholders identified
E. network diagrams discussed



Which definition of a use case is true?

A. comparison of the marketing description of what a product does to the customer\\’s experience
B. list of actions or event steps that a customer uses
C. list of actions or event steps that typically defines the interactions between a role and a system to achieve a goal
D. list of instructions that customer uses for their software



What are two examples of leveraging data to identify a customer barrier? (Choose two.)
A. evaluating feedback from the customer operations team
B. providing training recommendations
C. reviewing installed base details
D. consulting the health index
E. noting change in customer executive team


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