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Refer to the exhibit.

350-601 q1

Which setting must be configured to prevent reuse of passwords?

A. No Change Interval
B. Change Interval
C. History Count
D. Change Count



What is a characteristic of electronic programmable logic device (EPLD) software upgrades?

A. EPLD software should be upgraded only when instructed by Cisco TAC
B. ELPD module upgrades are nondisruptive
C. ELPD upgrades are available for fabric and power supply modules.
D. EPLD software must be upgraded when Cisco MDS NX-OS is upgraded.



What is a recommended design choice in a topology for multipathing iSCSI traffic?

A. single initiator to dual targets
B. initiators and targets in separate subnets
C. dual initiators to a single target with bonded interfaces
D. two NICs bended together on the initiator



What is required for using Ansible with HTTP/HTTPS protocol in a Cisco NX-OS environment?

B. Open Agent Container
C. XML management interface



Which solution provides remote and direct file-level access to users and systems?

A. direct-attached storage
B. Fibre Channel over Ethernet
C. storage area network
D. network-attached storage



After a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch chassis replacement, the administrator discovers that all vPC- enabled LACP
port channels are reinitialized. The administrator wants to prevent this issue the next time the chassis is replaced. Which
two actions must be taken to meet this requirement before the isolated device is reloaded\\’? (Choose two)

A. Set the vPC MAC address to a tower value than the peer
B. Change the vPC system-priority of the replacement chassis to a higher value than the peer if.
C. Change the vPC system-priority of the replacement chassis to a lower value than the peer.
D. Set the vPC MAC address to a higher value than the peer
E. Configure auto-recovery to the disable state on both peers
exus_9000_Series_NX- OS_Interfaces_Configuration_Guide/b_Cisco_Nexus_9000_Series_NXOS_Interfaces_Configur
ation_Guide_chapter_0111.html 7000/ta-p/3123651

350-601 q6



The FCoE technology is used in a data center and the MDS switches are configured as Fibre Channel Forwarders.
What configuration should be applied to an MDS switch in order to be used as the best switch to connect by the CNAs
in the fabric?

A. fcoe fcf-priority 1024
B. fcoe fcf-priority 512
C. fcoe fcf-priority 0
D. no fcoe fcf-priority



A UCS B- Series server located in B5108 chassis 1 slot 1 is currently unavailable. The server needs to be associated
with a specific service profile when it becomes available. Which associate service profile option should be selected to
accomplish this goal?

A. server pool
B. server
C. custom server
D. restrict migration

350-601 q8



What happens to the default host firmware policy after a Cisco UCS Manager upgrade?

A. It is updated to contain the firmware entries of all the components
B. It is replaced by a new default policy without any firmware entries.
C. It is assigned to all the service profiles that include a host firmware policy.
D. It is set to match the host firmware policy.



A connect network engineer connects the CAN interface of a server to a switch. The switch must bring down all the
vlans on the interface that are not enabled for FCoE, but the Vlans that are enabled for FCoE should continue to carry
SAN traffic without interruption. Which configuration should be applied to the switch to achieve this objective?

350-601 q10

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D



DRAG DROP Drag and drop the mechanisms to collect data from a network from the left onto their characteristics on
the right
Select and Place:

350-601 q11

Correct Answer:

350-601 q11-1



An engineer is implementing OTV on a transport that supports multicast. The solution needs to meet the following
Establish adjacency to the remote peer by using multicast.
Enable OTV advertisements for VLAN 100 to the other site.
Which two commands should be configured to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

A. otv site-vlan 100
B. otv data-group
C. otv use-adjacency-server
D. otv extend-vlan 100
E. otv control-group

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