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Refer to the exhibit.

What information is depicted?

A. IIS data
B. NetFlow data
C. network discovery event
D. IPS event data

Correct Answer: B



An intruder attempted malicious activity and exchanged emails with a user and received corporate information, including email distribution lists. The intruder asked the user to engage with a link in an email. When the fink launched, it infected machines and the intruder was able to access the corporate network.
Which testing method did the intruder use?

A. social engineering
B. eavesdropping
C. piggybacking
D. tailgating

Correct Answer: A



Drag and drop the definition from the left onto the phase on the right to classify intrusion events according to the Cyber Kill Chain model.
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:



What is an example of social engineering attacks?

A. receiving an unexpected email from an unknown person with an attachment from someone in the same company

B. receiving an email from human resources requesting a visit to their secure website to update contact information

C. sending a verbal request to an administrator who knows how to change an account password

D. receiving an invitation to the department\’s weekly WebEx meeting

Correct Answer: C



Drag and drop the type of evidence from the left onto the description of that evidence on the right.
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:



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What are the two characteristics of the full packet captures? (Choose two.)

A. Identifying network loops and collision domains.
B. Troubleshooting the cause of security and performance issues.
C. Reassembling fragmented traffic from raw data.
D. Detecting common hardware faults and identify faulty assets.
E. Providing a historical record of a network transaction.



Which system monitors local system operation and local network access for violations of a security policy?

A. host-based intrusion detection
B. systems-based sandboxing
C. host-based firewall
D. antivirus



What is a benefit of agent-based protection when compared to agentless protection?

A. It lowers maintenance costs
B. It provides a centralized platform
C. It collects and detects all traffic locally
D. It manages numerous devices simultaneously



An organization has recently adjusted its security stance in response to online threats made by a known hacktivist
What is the initial event called in the NIST SP800-61?

A. online assault
B. precursor
C. trigger
D. instigator



One of the objectives of information security is to protect the CIA of information and systems.
What does CIA mean in this context?

A. confidentiality, identity, and authorization
B. confidentiality, integrity, and authorization
C. confidentiality, identity, and availability
D. confidentiality, integrity, and availability



Which signature impacts network traffic by causing legitimate traffic to be blocked?

A. false negative
B. true positive
C. true negative
D. false positive



Which action prevents buffer overflow attacks?

A. variable randomization
B. using web based applications
C. input sanitization
D. using a Linux operating system



Which event is user interaction?

A. gaining root access
B. executing remote code
C. reading and writing file permission
D. opening a malicious file



What is a difference between an inline and a tap mode traffic monitoring?

A. Tap mode monitors packets and their content with the highest speed, while the inline mode draws a packet path for

B. Inline monitors traffic without examining other devices, while a tap mode tags traffic and examines the data from
monitoring devices.

C. Inline mode monitors traffic path, examining any traffic at a wire speed, while a tap mode monitors traffic as it crosses
the network.

D. Tap mode monitors traffic direction, while inline mode keeps packet data as it passes through the monitoring



What is the virtual address space for a Windows process?

A. physical location of an object in memory
B. set of pages that reside in the physical memory
C. system-level memory protection feature built into the operating system
D. set of virtual memory addresses that can be used



During which phase of the forensic process is data that is related to a specific event labeled and recorded to preserve its

A. examination
B. investigation
C. collection
D. reporting



A SOC analyst is investigating an incident that involves a Linux system that is identifying specific sessions.
Which identifier tracks an active program?

A. application identification number
B. active process identification number
C. runtime identification number
D. process identification number

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