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Question: 1
Which three items should be considered when restoring a backup to a Cisco VCS Expressway? (Choose three.)
A. A restart is required to complete the system restore process.
B. If the backup file is encrypted, an encryption password will be needed.
C. A valid backup configuration file must be accessible.
D. A function SFTP server is needed for remote restore.
E. The VCS expressway must be put into maintenance mode during the upgrade.
F. A flash drive that is connected to the appliance can be used to restore the configuration.
G. Cisco TMSXE can be used to process and restore backups.
Correct Answer: ABC

Question: 2
Which four features are provided by Cisco TelePresence Management Suite? (Choose four.)
A. Scheduling of video conference calls
B. Built-in-bridge functionality for multiparty video conferences
C. SIP-H.323 protocol interworking
D. Centralized management of conference resources
E. SMTP email event notification
F. Endpoint configuration backup and restore
G. Cisco TelePresence endpoint automated redundancy
H. Automated resource optimization
Correct Answer: A,D,E,F

Question: 3
Which three features does Cisco VCS provide? (Choose three.)
A. native Cisco SCCP telephony integration
B. SIP-H.323 interworking functionality
C. native scheduling
D. SIP trunk integration with Cisco Unified Communications Manager
E. third-party standards-based H.323 and SIP device registration
F. reverse proxy functionality
Correct Answer: B,D,E
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Question: 4
A network engineer wants to quickly view any issues that may exist for a newly deployed Cisco TelePresence SX20 codec.  210-065 dumps To which location in the codec web GUI should the engineer navigate to find this information?
A. Diagnostics > Alerts
B. Diagnostics > Troubleshooting
C. Configuration > System Status
D. Configuration > Security
Correct Answer: B

Question: 5
Management wants to modify Cisco TMS to allow users to configure the call behavior with their associated devices and dial from a single ID. Which feature needs to be enabled and configured?
A. Smart Scheduler
B. Low-touch Provisioning
C. FindMe
D. CMR Provisioning
Correct Answer: C

Question: 6
A network engineer is setting up a Cisco TelePresence Content Server. The customer requires live streaming, but does not have a streaming server. Which media should be configured to stream locally from the TelePresence Content Server?
A. QuickTime
C. Flash
D. Windows Media
E. Darwin
Correct Answer: D

Question: 7
Which two protocols can be used with the Cisco TelePresence Content Server to allow users to share content from their laptops? (Choose two.)
B. H.239
D. Switched Presentation
Correct Answer: AB

Question: 8
An engineer is consistently seeing tickets in the Cisco TMS that are generated when a video endpoint is powered off each day. Which menu path allows the engineer to prevent this type of ticket from being created?
A. TMS > Clear this ticket
B. TMS > Acknowledge ticket
C. TMS > Ignore ticket type for this system
D. TMS > Ticket management
E. TMS > Manage ticket error levels
Correct Answer: C

Question: 9
Which three features are supported by Cisco TMSPE? 210-065 dumps (Choose three.)
A. Simplified provisioning
B. LDAP user import
C. Scheduling via Microsoft Outlook
D. FindMe E. Jabber for Windows
F. Automatic endpoint upgrades
Correct Answer: A,B,D

Question: 10
A technician enters the diag system normal command for a Cisco TelePresence System endpoint. Which action must be done in the CLI before entering this command?
A. Logging must be enabled.
B. Calling services must be stopped.
C. All forced upgrades must be cleared.
D. The Telephone_Srvr service must be restarted.
Correct Answer: B

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