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Free 500-285 exam questions and answers


Which statement describes the meaning of a red health status icon?

A. A critical threshold has been exceeded.
B. At least one health module has failed.
C. A health policy has been disabled on a monitored device.
D. A warning threshold has been exceeded.

Correct Answer: A



Which interface type allows for VLAN tagging?

A. inline
B. switched
C. high-availability link
D. passive

Correct Answer: B



Which list identifies the possible types of alerts that the Sourcefire System can generate as notification of events or
policy violations?

A. logging to database, SMS, SMTP, and SNMP
B. logging to database, SMTP, SNMP, and PCAP
C. logging to database, SNMP, syslog, and email
D. logging to database, PCAP, SMS, and SNMP

Correct Answer: C



Which option is a remediation module that comes with the Sourcefire System?

A. Cisco IOS Null Route
B. Syslog Route
C. Nmap Route Scan
D. Response Group

Correct Answer: A



One of the goals of geolocation is to identify which option?

A. the location of any IP address
B. the location of a MAC address
C. the location of a TCP connection
D. the location of a routable IP address

Correct Answer: D



Which statement is true when network traffic meets the criteria specified in a correlation rule?

A. Nothing happens, because you cannot assign a group of rules to a correlation policy.
B. The network traffic is blocked.
C. The Defense Center generates a correlation event and initiates any configured responses.
D. An event is logged to the Correlation Policy Management table.

Correct Answer: C



Context Explorer can be accessed by a subset of user roles. Which predefined user role is not valid for FireSIGHT event

A. Administrator
B. Intrusion Administrator
C. Security Analyst
D. Security Analyst (Read-Only)

Correct Answer: B



Which option is derived from the discovery component of FireSIGHT technology?

A. connection event table view
B. network profile
C. host profile
D. authentication objects

Correct Answer: C



Which interface type allows for bypass mode?

A. inline
B. switched
C. routed
D. grouped

Correct Answer: A



Suppose an administrator is configuring an IPS policy and attempts to enable intrusion rules that require the operation
of the TCP stream preprocessor, but the TCP stream preprocessor is turned off. Which statement is true in this

A. The administrator can save the IPS policy with the TCP stream preprocessor turned off, but the rules requiring its
operation will not function properly.
B. When the administrator enables the rules and then attempts to save the IPS policy, the administrator will be
prompted to accept that the TCP stream preprocessor will be turned on for the IPS policy.
C. The administrator will be prevented from changing the rule state of the rules that require the TCP stream
preprocessor until the TCP stream preprocessor is enabled.
D. When the administrator enables the rules and then attempts to save the IPS policy, the administrator will be
prompted to accept that the rules that require the TCP stream preprocessor will be turned off for the IPS policy.

Correct Answer: B



In addition to the discovery of new hosts, FireSIGHT can also perform which function?

A. block traffic
B. determine which users are involved in monitored connections
C. discover information about users
D. route traffic

Correct Answer: B



Which option is true regarding the $HOME_NET variable?

A. is a policy-level variable
B. has a default value of “all”
C. defines the network the active policy protects
D. is used by all rules to define the internal network

Correct Answer: C



Stacking allows a primary device to utilize which resources of secondary devices?

A. interfaces, CPUs, and memory
B. CPUs and memory
C. interfaces, CPUs, memory, and storage
D. interfaces and storage

Correct Answer: B



Which statement represents detection capabilities of the HTTP preprocessor?

A. You can configure it to blacklist known bad web servers.
B. You can configure it to normalize cookies in HTTP headers.
C. You can configure it to normalize image content types.
D. You can configure it to whitelist specific servers.

Correct Answer: B



FireSIGHT recommendations appear in which layer of the Policy Layers page?

A. Layer Summary
B. User Layers
C. Built-In Layers
D. FireSIGHT recommendations do not show up as a layer.

Correct Answer: C

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