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A customer has a requirement to deploy a cloud service and needs to have full control over the underlying OS, data and
application. Which cloud model meets this requirement?
A. PaaS
B. MaaS
C. IaaS
D. SaaS
Correct Answer: C

Which two statements about the process of performing an EPLD upgrade on a Cisco MDS 9000 series Switch are true?
(Choose two.)
A. If an upgrade is interrupted, the upgrade continues after a connection is restored.
B. The upgrade can be performed from the standby supervisor module.
C. The active supervisor can be upgraded.
D. Modules must be online to be upgraded.
E. The Upgrade process disrupts only the module that is being upgraded.
Correct Answer: DE

cisco 350-601 certification exam q2

Which two actions are needed to configure a single Cisco APIC controller for the Cisco ACI fabric for the first time? (Choose
A. Register the APIC that is connected to the switch.
B. Configure the first Cisco APIC controller
C. Configure the leaf switch where the Cisco APIC is connected, using CLI to allow APIC connectivity
D. Register the switches that are discovered through LLDP.
E. Register all leaf and spine switches
Correct Answer: DE
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What is an advantage of NFS as compared to Fibre Channel?
A. NFS enables thin provisioning for LUNs.
B. NFS provides the dynamic allocation of storage capacity.
C. NFS removes the impact of IP overhead.
D. NFS provides direct access to the underlying storage hardware.
Correct Answer: B

A customer needs a tool to take advantage of the CI/CD model to streamline its operation and optimize cost. The
customer wants to integrate the solution with the cisco products it currently uses, Including Cisco ACI
networking and Cisco UCS servers. The solution should also provide on-premises Kubernetes and AppDynamics
performance monitoring. Because of the security requirements, the solution not install a local client on products under
management. which orchestration solution meets these requirements?
A. Cisco APIC
B. CISCO UCS director
C. Cisco DCNM
D. Cisco CloudCenter
Correct Answer: D

Which product includes prebuilt templates that can be used to customize fabric deployments?
A. Cisco ACI
B. Cisco UCS Manager
C. Cisco Data Center Network Manager
D. Cisco Tetration
Correct Answer: C

Which two authentication types does Cisco UCS Manager support when configuration authentication? (Choose two.)
A. local
C. 802.1X
D. Kerberos
Correct Answer: AB

An engineer changed a configuration and must perform a rollback. Which statement applies to a Cisco Nexus 5600
Series switch?
A. Errors are skipped when an atomic rollback type is triggered.
B. A user who is assigned to the network-operator user role can perform a rollback.
C. The configuration rollback functionality is disabled when FCoE is enabled.
D. A system checkpoint is generated automatically when the running configuration is saved to NVRAM.
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.cisco 350-601 certification exam q9

An engineer must monitor all LAN traffic on Fabric A from a blade server. Which source should be configured in the test span monitor session to complete this task?
A. all HBAs from the service profile that corresponds to this server
B. all uplink FCoE ports
C. all uplink Ethernet ports
D. all vNICs from the service profile that corresponds to this server
Correct Answer: D

cisco 350-601 certification exam q9-1

An engineer must create a backup file of the entire Cisco UCS system before the maintenance window starts. The
backup file must include these attributes:
all logical configuration settings such as service profiles. VLANs. and VSANs
all Cisco UCS usernames. roles, and locales
all Cisco UCS system settings
Which backup type must be selected to achieve this goal?
A. All Configuration
B. Full State
C. System Configuration
D. Logical Configuration
Correct Answer: A

A DNS server with IP address is deployed in a data center A network engineer must configure a Cisco UCS
Fabric Interconnect to use this DNS. Which configuration should be applied?cisco 350-601 certification exam q11

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: D

Which two firmware packages are included in the Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount UCS-Managed Server Software
bundle? (Choose two.)
A. system
B. third-party
Correct Answer: DE

cisco 350-601 certification exam q12

An engineer is enabling port security on a Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch. Which feature of enabling port security on a
Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch must be considered?
A. It always learns about switches that are logging in.
B. It can be distributed by using Cisco Fabric Services.
C. It authorizes only the configured sWWN to participate in the fabric.
D. It binds the fabric at the switch level.
Correct Answer: B

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