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Free15Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine (SISE)300-715View300-715 dumps
Question 1:

An administrator has added a new Cisco ISE PSN to their distributed deployment. Which two features must the administrator enable to accept authentication requests and profile the endpoints correctly, and add them to their respective endpoint identity groups? (Choose two )

A. Session Services

B. Endpoint Attribute Filter

C. Posture Services

D. Profiling Services

E. Radius Service

Question 2:

Which two methods should a sponsor select to create bulk guest accounts from the sponsor portal? (Choose two )

A. Random

B. Monthly

C. Daily

D. Imported

E. Known

Question 3:

Which default endpoint identity group does an endpoint that does not match any profile in Cisco ISE become a member of?

A. Endpoint

B. unknown

C. blacklist

D. white list

E. profiled

If you do not have a matching profiling policy, you can assign an unknown profiling policy. The endpoint is therefore profiled as Unknown. The endpoint that does not match any profile is grouped within the Unknown identity group. The endpoint profiled to the Unknown profile requires that you create a profile with an attribute or a set of attributes collected for that endpoint.

Question 4:

What is a valid status of an endpoint attribute during the device registration process?

A. block listed

B. pending

C. unknown

D. DenyAccess


Question 5:

An engineer wants to learn more about Cisco ISE and deployed a new lab with two nodes. Which two persona configurations allow the engineer to successfully test the redundancy of a failed node? (Choose two.)

A. Configure one of the Cisco ISE nodes as the Health Check node.

B. Configure both nodes with the PAN and MnT personas only.

C. Configure one of the Cisco ISE nodes as the primary PAN and MnT personas and the other as the secondary.

D. Configure both nodes with the PAN, MnT, and PSN personas.

E. Configure one of the Cisco ISE nodes as the primary PAN and PSN personas and the other as the secondary.

Question 6:

The IT manager wants to provide different levels of access to network devices when users authenticate using TACACS+. The company needs specific commands to be allowed based on the Active Directory group membership of the different roles within the IT department. The solution must minimize the number of objects created in Cisco ISE. What must be created to accomplish this task?

A. one shell profile and one command set

B. multiple shell profiles and one command set

C. one shell profile and multiple command sets

D. multiple shell profiles and multiple command sets

Question 7:

Which Cisco ISE node does not support automatic failover?

A. Inline Posture node

B. Monitoring node

C. Policy Services node

D. Admin node

Question 8:

What is the deployment mode when two Cisco ISE nodes are configured in an environment?

A. distributed

B. active

C. standalone

D. standard

Question 9:

An administrator is trying to collect metadata information about the traffic going across the network to gam added visibility into the hosts. This information will be used to create profiling policies for devices us mg Cisco ISE so that network access policies can be used.

What must be done to accomplish this task?

A. Configure the RADIUS profiling probe within Cisco ISE

B. Configure NetFlow to be sent to me Cisco ISE appliance.

C. Configure SNMP to be used with the Cisco ISE appliance

D. Configure the DHCP probe within Cisco ISE

Question 10:

When configuring Active Directory groups, what does the Cisco ISE use to resolve ambiguous group names?





Question 11:

Refer to the exhibit

300-715 dumps questions 11

Which switch configuration change will allow only one voice and one data endpoint on each port?

A. Multi-auth to multi-domain

B. Mab to dot1x

C. Auto to manual

D. Multi-auth to single-auth

Question 12:

A company manager is hosting a conference. Conference participants must connect to an open guest SSID and only use a preassigned code that they enter into the guest portal prior to gaining access to the network. How should the manager configure Cisco ISE to accomplish this goal?

A. Create entries in the guest identity group for all participants.

B. Create an access code to be entered into the AUP page.

C. Create logins for each participant to give them sponsored access.

D. Create a registration code to be entered on the portal splash page.

Question 13:

What does MAB leverage a MAC address for?

A. Calling-Station-ID

B. password

C. cisco-av-pair

D. username

Question 14:

Which profiling probe collects the user-agent string?





Question 15:

An engineer is configuring cisco ISE and needs to dynamically identify the network endpoints and ensure that endpoint access is protected. Which service should be used to accomplish this task?

A. Guest access

B. Profiling

C. Posture

D. Client provisioning

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