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Which of the following statements regarding DSCP bits are TRUE? (Choose three)
A. The three most significant (first) bits define 8 forwarding classes.
B. The three least significant (last) bits of the DSCP specify the drop probability.
C. The full 8 bits of the TOS field are used for DSCP.
D. To convert DSCP to IP precedence, the three most significant (first) bits are matched.
E. DSCP provides for eight drop probabilities.
Correct Answer: ABD
Which of the following can be used as classifiers of 4A0-107 dumps customer traffic? (Choose three)
A. DSCP value
B. 802.1p value
C. IP DF bit
D. TCP/UDP port numbers
E. HTML version number
Correct Answer: ABD

Which of the following are characteristics of 4A0-107 pdf DSCP? (Choose two)
A. DSCP is part of the Layer 3 header.
B. DSCP is a 6-bit field.
C. DSCP specifies eight different priorities.
D. DSCP specifies four precedence levels.
E. DSCP is part of the Layer 2 header
F. DSCP specifies 128 different per-hop behaviors.
Correct Answer: AB

What is an SLA? (Choose two)
A. An SLA is used to provide automated, real-time testing and alarming for throughput, latency, and jitter across a provider’s network.
B. An SLA is an agreement between a customer and a provider that dictates the treatment of customer traffic across the provider’s network.
C. An SLA allows customers to control all traffic within the service provider’s network by prioritizing their traffic over others as desired.
D. An SLA allows a customer to pre-mark traffic and ensure that traffic is treated as per the agreement within the provider’s network.
E. An SLA is a standard set of network QoS policies that a provider shares to all its customers, allowing them to better understand the treatment of traffic within the provider’s network.
Correct Answer: BD

How many bits does DSCP use to provide QoS marking options?
A. 8
B. 16
C. 6
D. 4
E. 3
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following are major components of QoS functionality on the Alcatel-Lucent 4A0-107 vce 7750 SR? (Choose three)
A. Microflow reservations using RSVP
B. DSCP to EXP translation
C. Traffic classification
D. Automatic profiling and policy configuration
E. Buffer memory management
F. Traffic scheduling
Correct Answer: CEF

Which of the following are characteristics of 802.1p? (Choose two)
A. 802.1p adds 16 bits to the Layer 2 header,B. 802.1p adds 16 bits to the Layer 3 header.
C. 802.1p specifies 64 different priority levels.
D. 802.1p uses a field in the 802.1Q header.
E. 802.1p uses a field in the Layer 3 IP header
F. 802.1p defines a 3-bit Class of Service field.
Correct Answer: DF

Which of the following BEST describes a SAP 4A0-107 exam when regarding QoS?
A. A point in the network where EXP bits can be mapped to one of eight predefined FCs, each one with its own queue.
B. A logical point in a service tunnel where all of customer traffic is aggregated.
C. A point at which the initial classification of customer traffic occurs.
D. A point in the network where QoS parameters are discarded in favor of lower-level hardware queuing functions, such as LLI (Link Layer Interleave).
E. A point in the network where traffic flows from multiple different services are queued together, based on forwarding class.
Correct Answer: C

Individual application streams are considered microflows, whereas __________ are considered macroflows.
C. Services
D. Queues
E. Schedulers
F. Forwarding classes
Correct Answer: F

Click the exhibit button below.
Based on the configuration shown below, name the forwarding class to be associated with a TCP packet 4A0-107 encapsulated inside an Ethernet frame that arrives on SAP 1/1/5 with the following characteristics:
Destination IP address =
TCP port number = 23
DSCP value = nc1
Dot1pvalue = 3
A. H2B. NC
C. L2
E. H1
Correct Answer: C

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