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practice questions

Which of the following installation types would require the use of an answer file to install the OS?
A. Unattended
B. Clean
C. Repair
D. Upgrade
Correct Answer: A

Over the years a user has been accidentally creating copies of folders in a personal drive and as a result, there are now
hundreds of “copy of copy” folders dotted throughout the drive. Which of the following Windows command line tools
might a technician use to obtain a complete list of all the folders for use in a deletion script?
A. dir
B. 1s
C. rd
D. del
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following security methods BEST describes when a user enters a username and password once for
multiple applications?
B. Permission propagation
C. Inheritance
Correct Answer: A

A small office\\’s wireless network was compromised recently by an attacker who brute forced a PIN to gain access. The
attacker then modified the DNS settings on the router and spread malware to the entire network. Which of the following
configurations MOST likely allowed the attack to take place? (Select two.)
A. Guest network
C. Default login
D. Outdated firmware
Correct Answer: CF

A technician is PXE booting a computer. Which of the following is the technician MOST likely performing on the
A. Image deployment
B. Multiboot configuration
C. In-place upgrade
D. System repair
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following provide the BEST security for a server room? (Select two.)
A. Badge reader
B. Bollard
C. Biometric lock
D. Cable lock
E. USB token
F. Privacy window shades
Correct Answer: AC

A technician needs to edit a protected .dll file but cannot find the file in the System32 directory. Which of the following
Control Panel utilities should the technician use?
A. System
B. Display
C. Folder Options
D. Indexing Options
Correct Answer: C

A technician has just finished installing a secondary OS on a workstation. After rebooting the computer, the technician
receives the following error: No OS found. The technician confirms the boot.ini file is correct. Which of the following is
MOST likely causing this error?
A. The computer has GRUB Legacy installed
B. Windows Startup services are not running
C. An incompatible partition is marked as active
D. An unsupported version of Windows is installed
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following steps should a technician take FIRST to prevent an electrical hazard when repairing a PC?
A. Put on an ESD strap.
B. Place components on an ESD mat
C. Disconnect the power before servicing the PC
D. Place the PC on a grounded work bench
Correct Answer: C

An administrator is setting up a Windows terminal server. Which of the following settings should the administrator modify
to increase server security? (Select two.)
A. Change the default access port
B. Enforce password complexity
C. Put the terminal server into the router\\’s DMZ
D. Disable logon time restrictions
E. Block all unused ports on the LAN smart switch
F. Use the local client certificate for server authentication
Correct Answer: CE

A user\\’s mobile device appears to be losing battery life rapidly and often feels warm to the touch, even when it is put
away. The device is relatively new, so the user is concerned it is defective. A technician inspects the device and see
Which of the following should be changed to resolve this issue?lead4pass 220-1002 exam question q11

A. Privacy ?Maps
B. Display ?Brightness
C. Storage ?Photos
D. Mail ?Work
Correct Answer: B

A network administrator has given a technician documentation detailing the switchports the technician will need to patch
in for a network upgrade. Which of the following documents did the network administrator MOST likely give to the
A. Process diagram
B. Physical network diagram
C. Fiber backbone diagram
D. Logical topology diagram
Correct Answer: B

A technician is using the troubleshooting theory to help resolve a problem that is occurring with a client\\’s machine. The
technician has verified system functionally. Which of the following is the NEXT step in the troubleshooting theory?
A. Identify the problem
B. Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem
C. Test the theory to determine cause
D. Document findings, actions, and outcomes
Correct Answer: D

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