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A developer is reviewing a code that was written by a colleague. It runs fine, but there are many lines of code to do a
seemingly simple task repeatedly. Which action organizes the code?

A. Refactor the code by removing any unnecessary tests.
B. Reverse engineer and rewrite the code logic.
C. Using functions, rewrite any pieces of code that are repeated.
D. Modify the code to use loops.

Correct Answer: A


200-901 exam questions q2

Refer to the exhibit. Which command, including arguments, is executed when the container starts?

A. /bin/sh -c “/bin/sleep 30 andand nginx -g \’daemon off;\'”
B. /bin/sh -c “/bin/sleep 10 andand nginx -g \’daemon off;\'”
C. /bin/bash -c “/bin/sleep 30 andand nginx -g \’daemon off;\'”
D. /bin/sh -c “/bin/sleep 30” andand nginx -g \’daemon off;\’

Correct Answer: A


What are two functions of a routing table on a network device? (Choose two.)

A. It lists the routes to drop traffic.
B. It lists the routes to a particular destination.
C. It lists the static and dynamic entries.
D. It lists hosts that are one hop away.
E. It lists entries more than two hops away.

Correct Answer: BC


An engineer must configure Cisco Nexus devices and wants to automate this workflow. The engineer enables the Cisco
NX-OS REST API to configure the devices by using an Ansible playbook. Before running the code, which resource must
be used to verify that the code works correctly?

A. Cisco NX-OS SDK
B. Cisco Learning Labs
C. Cisco Code Exchange
D. Cisco Modeling Labs

Correct Answer: A


How is a branch called “my-bug-fix” started to develop a fix needed in a product?

A. git branch -b my-bug-fix
B. git checkout -b my-bug-fix
C. git checkout my-bug-fix
D. git branch my-bug-fix

Correct Answer: B


Drag and drop the functionalities from the left onto the correct networking devices on the right.
Select and Place:

200-901 exam questions q6

Correct Answer:

200-901 exam questions q6-1



What are the two purposes for using a VLAN in a network? (Choose two)

A. It is used to create the routing table.
B. It creates a collection of MAC addresses.
C. It is used for VM network traffic.
D. It segments a network.
E. It creates a broadcast domain.

Correct Answer: DE


Which device is used to transport traffic from one broadcast domain to another broadcast domain?

A. layer 2 switch
B. proxy server
C. router
D. load balancer

Correct Answer: C


Which two details are captured from the subnet mask? (Choose two.)

A. portion of an IP address that refers to the subnet
B. default gateway of the host
C. unique number ID assigned to the host
D. part of an IP address that refers to the host
E. network connection of a host or interface

Correct Answer: AD


Refer to the exhibit.

200-901 questions q10

An administrator attempts to perform a GET using the Cisco IOS XE RESTCONF API to return the hostname of a
device. The sequence diagram illustrates the HTTP messages observed. Which change to the API request resolves the

A. Remove the -H Accept: application/yang-data+json\\’ HTTP header because it is not required.

B. Add -u cisco:cisco\\’ in the end of the cURL command

C. Change the request method from -X “GET” to -X “POST”

D. Add Content-Type HTTP header withapplication/yang-data+json\’ using -H `Content-Type: application/yangdata+json\’

Correct Answer: B


Drag and drop the network automation interfaces from the left onto the transport protocols that they support on the
Select and Place:

200-901 exam questions q11

Correct Answer:

200-901 exam questions q11-1


What are the two properties of private IP addresses? (Choose two.)

A. They can be used to access the Internet directly.
B. They are more secure than public IP addresses.
C. They are not globally unique.
D. They can be repeated within the same local network.
E. They are controlled globally by an IP address registry.

Correct Answer: BD


Refer to the exhibit. A developer cannot reach the web application behind an NGINX load balancer. The developer
sends a request to an application FQDN with cURL but gets an HTTP 502 response. Which action solves the problem?

200-901 exam questions q13

A. Fix errors in the server configuration, which is behind the load balancer.
B. Bring up the load balancer to the active state.
C. Fix errors in the cURL request sent by the client.
D. Change the default gateway on the load balancer to an active one.

Correct Answer: D


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