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QUESTION 1cisco 350-701 exam questions q1

Refer to the exhibit. What will happen when this Python script is run?
A. The list of computers, policies, and connector statuses will be received from Cisco AMP.
B. The list of computers and their current vulnerabilities will be received from Cisco AMP.
C. The compromised computers and malware trajectories will be received from Cisco AMP.
D. The compromised computers and what compromised them will be received from Cisco AMP.
Correct Answer: A


A malicious user gained network access by spoofing printer connections that were authorized using MAB on four
different switch ports at the same time. What two catalyst switch security features will prevent further violations?
(Choose two)
A. DHCP Snooping
B. 802.1AE MacSec
C. Port security
D. IP Device tracking
E. Dynamic ARP inspection
F. Private VLANs
Correct Answer: AE


Refer to the exhibit.cisco 350-701 exam questions q3

Which type of authentication is in use?
A. LDAP authentication for Microsoft Outlook
B. POP3 authentication
C. SMTP relay server authentication
D. external user and relay mail authentication
Correct Answer: A


A company is experiencing exfiltration of credit card numbers that are not being stored on- premise. The company
needs to be able to protect sensitive data throughout the full environment. Which tool should be used to accomplish this
A. Security Manager
B. Cloudlock
C. Web Security Appliance
D. Cisco ISE
Correct Answer: B


An organization is implementing URL blocking using Cisco Umbrella. The users are able to go to some sites but other
sites are not accessible due to an error. Why is the error occurring?
A. Client computers do not have the Cisco Umbrella Root CA certificate installed.
B. IP-Layer Enforcement is not configured.
C. Intelligent proxy and SSL decryption is disabled in the policy.
D. Client computers do not have an SSL certificate deployed from an internal CA server.
Correct Answer: A


A network engineer has entered the snmp-server user andy myv3 auth sha cisco priv aes 256 cisc0380739941
command and needs to send SNMP information to a host at Which command achieves this goal?
A. snmp-server host inside snmpv3 myv3
B. snmp-server host inside snmpv3 andy
C. snmp-server host inside version 3 myv3
D. snmp-server host inside version 3 andy
Correct Answer: D


An MDM provides which two advantages to an organization with regards to device management? (Choose two.)
A. asset inventory management
B. allowed application management
C. Active Directory group policy management
D. network device management
E. critical device management
Correct Answer: AB


Which feature within Cisco Umbrella allows for the ability to inspect secure HTTP traffic?
A. File Analysis
B. SafeSearch
C. SSL Decryption
D. Destination Lists
Correct Answer: C


Which threat involves software being used to gain unauthorized access to a computer system?
A. ping of death
B. NTP amplification
C. HTTP flood
D. virus
Correct Answer: D


Which solution protects hybrid cloud deployment workloads with application visibility and segmentation?
A. Nexus
B. Stealthwatch
C. Firepower
D. Tetration
Correct Answer: D


An organization has a Cisco ESA set up with DLP policies and would like to customize the action assigned for
violations. The organization wants a copy of the message to be delivered with a message added to flag it as a DLP
violation. Which actions must be performed in order to provide this capability?
A. deliver and add disclaimer text
B. quarantine and send a DLP violation notification
C. quarantine and alter the subject header with a DLP violation
D. deliver and send copies to other recipients
Correct Answer: B


What is a difference between DMVPN and sVTI?
A. DMVPN supports tunnel encryption, whereas sVTI does not.
B. DMVPN supports dynamic tunnel establishment, whereas sVTI does not.
C. DMVPN supports static tunnel establishment, whereas sVTI does not.
D. DMVPN provides interoperability with other vendors, whereas sVTI does not.
Correct Answer: B


An engineer wants to generate NetFlow records on traffic traversing the Cisco ASA. Which Cisco ASA command must
be used?
A. flow exporter
B. ip flow monitor input
C. ip flow-export destination 2055
D. flow-export destination inside 2055
Correct Answer: D


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