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Latest effective Cisco Account manager 700-020 Exam Practice Tests

What can a Cisco solution enable a manufacturing industry customer to do?
A. Collaborate with other educational institutions and organizations.
B. Improve collaboration between employees and branch offices.
C. Improve access to interpreters for specialized languages.
D. Accelerate production issue resolution.
Correct Answer: B

What is a function of a call control solution?
A. To join 3 or more participants in a meeting.
B. To schedule calls.
C. To provide an audio and video interface for the user.
D. To act as a traffic cop for network communication.
Correct Answer: D

What type of solution includes both premise and cloud components?
A. Persistent
B. Hybrid
C. Mobile
D. Dedicated
Correct Answer: B

What is a common education industry need?
A. Reducing the cost of communicating with suppliers.
B. Addressing environmental impacts.
C. Deploying faster manufacturing cycles.
D. Offering or scaling online learning.
Correct Answer: D

Which premise-based conferencing solution supports Skype for Business and WebRTC?
A. WebEx
B. Cisco Meeting Server
C. Telepresence Server
D. Spark
Correct Answer: A

Which endpoints can also act as desktop monitors?
A. Jabber clients
B. DX70 and DX80 systems
C. SX10 and SX20 systems
D. Spark clients
Correct Answer: B

Where can you show your customers how Cisco Collaboration products fit into different scenarios and experiences?
A. Refresh Collab Website
B. Collaboration Page for Partners
C. Project Workplace
D. Cisco Collaboration Community
Correct Answer: B

What is a common hospitality industry need?
A. Collaborating across multiple agencies and geographies.
B. Minimizing the impact of natural disasters.
C. Managing multiple properties, employees and brands.
D. Increasing supply chain flexibility and agility.
Correct Answer: B

What can a Cisco solution enable a government or public sector industry customer to do?
A. Provide face-to-face customer communication methods for competitive advantage, increasing upsell and cross-sell
B. Differentiate guest experiences.
C. Provide real-time management of critically ill patients by remotely located specialists.
D. Optimize the citizen experience through enabling face-to-face access to government employees, especially from rural
or remote areas.
Correct Answer: D

Which mobile endpoint is designed to work with Cisco Meeting Server?
A. Spark
B. Jabber
D. WebEx
Correct Answer: C

Which WebEx Center has polling and break out rooms?
A. Support Center
B. Meeting Center
C. Event Center
D. Training Center
Correct Answer: D

What is a common government or public sector industry need?
A. Providing lifelong learning opportunities.
B. Addressing higher citizen expectation for communications, services and information access.
C. Streamlining production processes for more efficient supply chains.
D. Addressing cost, quality and access to healthcare for patients.
Correct Answer: B

How does Cisco make work streams easier after a meeting?
A. Calendars store meeting notes.
B. All meetings are automatically recorded.
C. A persistent virtual meeting room is established.
D. Each Cisco system comes with 10 hours of remote meeting management.
Correct Answer: C

Which endpoint solutions is used in a conference room or training room?
A. Room system
B. Desktop system
C. Mobile client
D. Immersive system
Correct Answer: A

What can a Cisco solution enable a travel leader line of business customer to do?
A. Keep employees up-to-date on regulatory requirements.
B. Provide a face-to-face experience that makes the work stream productive.
C. Improve access to primary and specialist caregivers.
D. Improve supply chain agility through improved partner and supplier relationships via face-to-face video.
Correct Answer: D

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