The Risks Of Microsoft’s Management

This is a new era for Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT). Under the leadership of former CEO Steve Ballmer, the company has experienced a failed decade, failing to adapt to the shift to mobile applications, lagging behind competitors – especially smarter Mobile phones and tablets, alphabets for search advertising and browser shares, and mobile operating systems. The company has maintained its dominance of productivity tools with the Windows desktop operating system and Microsoft Office suite.

The new chief executive officer Satya Nadella led the stock recovery through a two-pronged action plan. First, the company is struggling to convert its users of operating systems and software into subscription-based billing. Second is through its Microsoft Azure program to increase its influence in the high-growth cloud computing industry.

Nadella has been mostly successful, under his leadership shareholders have made a huge return. But could anything go wrong? Here are three business-specific risks management noted in its last quarterly statement.

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