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Which device is a cloud managed switch?
A. Cisco Meraki MS 250/350
B. Cisco Catalyst 2960-L
C. Cisco 220/250
D. Cisco 350X/550X
Correct Answer: A

Which two statements best highlight Cisco\\’s commitment to partners and customers? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco leads in the invention and development of the industry\\’s most advanced machine learning platform.
B. Cisco\\’s investment in RandD to maintain first-to-market approach for innovative technologies and solutions.
C. Cisco shapes the future of the Internet by creating opportunity for investors and ecosystem partners.
D. Cisco has the most comprehensive portfolio in the networking industry to help connect, collaborate, compute, and
protect your customer\\’s business.
E. Cisco works closely with leading research institutions and lets them takes the lead in the development of enterprise
security solutions.
Correct Answer: BD

Which three statements regarding Mobility Express are true? (Choose three.)
A. Runs wireless LAN controller function on an access point
B. Ideal for sites with up to 200access points and 2000 clients
C. Provisioning to configure the controller
D. Supported on all Wave 2 access points
E. Supports simple Over-the-Air
F. Supports Workgroup Bridge mode of operation
Correct Answer: ABE

Which is a K-12 feature supported in Mobility Express?
A. mDNS Gateway
B. Guest WLAN enhancements
C. Expert View in the WebUI
D. Schedule WLAN
E. CMX Cloud support
Correct Answer: E

Which two router models are the right fit for customers requiring best-in-class routing, voice, and video, but limited in
space availability for hosting the hardware? (Choose two.)
A. 1100 Series ISR
B. 4000 Series ISR
C. Meraki MX
D. 800 Series ISR
E. RV Series
Correct Answer: AD

What are two ways that MX security appliances achieve automatic failover and high availability? (Choose two.)
A. Always on (availability groups)
B. Survivable Remote Site Technology (SRST)
C. Warm spare (using VRRP)
D. Redundant gateways (using HSRP)
E. Dual redundant uplink support (multiple ISPs)
Correct Answer: CE

Which are two main features enabled by Catalyst 3650CX and the Cisco Catalyst 2960L in education? (Choose two.)
A. Interactive white board
C. IP camera
D. Classroom polling
E. Display/E-banner
Correct Answer: BD

Which two products are considered a part of the Cisco Meraki full stack? (Choose two.)
A. UCS servers
B. MX security appliances
C. MR wireless access points
D. Aironet wireless access points
E. Catalyst switches
Correct Answer: BE

Which statement represents increasing sophistication in security threat landscape?
A. 25% of users spent their work time off network
B. 85% of intrusions are not discovered for weeks
C. 28% of top security constrains is product compatibility
D. 50B devices connected by 2020 (66% mobile)
Correct Answer: D

Which two statements regarding Wi-Fi simplicity of Mobility Express are true? (Choose two.)
A. Additional dedicated controller appliance required to manage up to 25 access points
B. Provides enterprise features for larger deployments
C. Tunnels Guest traffic to a central site
D. Activities enterprise best practice settings by default
E. Can deploy a “set and forget” Wi-Fi network for SMB in minutes
Correct Answer: AC

Which two functions are provided by Scale out / compute intensive applications C4200 and C125 M5? (Choose two.)
A. Distributed databases
B. Microprocessor design
C. Cloud computing
D. AI/ML with dense GPUs
E. Low-frequency trading transactions
Correct Answer: AB

Which are the two advantages of having Direct Internet Access? (Choose two.)
A. Limits guest Wi-Fi at the branch
B. Secure WAN transport
C. Protects remote employees
D. Threat mitigation techniques
E. Leverage local internet path
Correct Answer: BE

How does Catalyst Access Switching provide two improved workforce experiences? (Choose two.)
A. Flexible workspace
B. Manual configuration of end devices
C. Core data center deployments
D. Internet of things, such as flexible workspace (open office, branch office, conference and classrooms)
E. Controller-based management
Correct Answer: CD

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