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Free 500-470 exam questions and answers


Which party solution integrates with Cisco\\’s security and network portfolios within the ISE?

A. 25+ 3rd party solutions
B. 20+ 3rd party solutions
C. 30+ 3rd party solutions
D. 45+ 3rd party solutions
E. 60+ 3rd party solutions

Correct Answer: E



What two best describe self-healing functionality on vEdges? (Choose two.)

A. Software reconfiguration capability allowing for dynamic reconfiguration of existing channels
B. In software upgrade process, rolling back to the previously running software image when connectivity to vManage
C. vManage detect routing outage detection to detect reachability outages and understand their scope and likely root
D. With configuration change, rolling back the configuration change when loss of connectivity to vManage

Correct Answer: BD



Which three statements are true regarding Cisco SDWAN license tiers? (Choose three.)

A. With Pro license, control and data policies are supported
B. With Plus license, split-tunnel is supported
C. With Pro license, unlimited segmentations are supported
D. With Plus license, Hub and spoke, partial mesh are supported
E. With Enterprise license, vAnalytics is included
F. With Enterprise license, TCP optimization is not supported

Correct Answer: ABE



What is the maximum # of concurrent endpoint with a distributed deployment?

A. 500,000
B. 20,000
C. 10,000
D. 100,000

Correct Answer: A



Which three options describe fabric overlay concepts? (Choose three.)

A. A link state routing protocol like OSPF
B. A virtual Local Area Network
C. An Overlay uses alternate forwarding attributes
D. GRE is a type of Overlay
E. Intermediate System to Intermediate System
F. An Overlay is a logical topology

Correct Answer: BDF
Reference:https://www.slideshare.net/Cisco/hawaii-tech-day-new-solution-in-switching slide 18



Which two options are SD-WAN solution capabilities? (Choose two.)

A. Ability to provide and integrate security with complementary products and applications
B. The separation of management plane, control plane and data plane to enable horizontal scaling
C. Truck roll branch turn up for easy provisioning and new installations
D. Cloud hosted or on-Premise fully redundant management and control plane functions

Correct Answer: BD
Reference:https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/m/sl_si/training-events/2018/cisco-connect/pdfs/sodobna_prostrana_omrezja_s_sd-wan_konceptom_tom_cof.pdf Slide 2



Which three statements best describe Cisco ISE configuration capabilities? (Choose three.)

A. ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA) is a built in application designed to accelerate the deployment of Cisco Identity
Service Engine (ISE)
B. Cisco ISE includes wireless setup wizard and visibility wizard.
C. ISE requires an understanding of the command line for set-up and configuration.
D. ISE wizards and pre-canned configurations ease ISE roll-out significantly.
E. Cisco Active Advisor provides additional guidance for ISE deployments

Correct Answer: ABE



Which are three functions used by ISE automation BYOD flow? (Choose three.)

A. Supplicant Provisioning
B. Device Registration
C. Certificate Enrollment
D. BioMetrics
E. LDAP Multi Tenant Provisioning
F. Active Directory Group Membership

Correct Answer: ABC



What is a challenge of having an SD-Access Centralized design where a single fabric encompasses the main site and
all branch sites across the WAN?

A. End to End Routing is not supported
B. SSIDs would be the same across all sites
C. DNA Center does not support it
D. Since the traffic is encapsulated. SD-WAN features can\\’t be used to optimize/route traffic.

Correct Answer: A



How many bytes does a VxLAN header add to an original Ethernet frame?

A. 36
B. 50
C. 48
D. 64

Correct Answer: B



Which workflow is necessary for setting up a network hierarchy?

A. Provision
B. Design
C. Policy
D. Assurance

Correct Answer: B



Which Cisco SD WAN component provides a secure data plane with remote vEdge routers?

A. vManage
B. vSmart
C. vBond
D. vEdge

Correct Answer: B
Reference : https://sdwan-docs.cisco.com/Product_Documentation/Software_Features/Release_18.1/05Security/01Security_Overview/Data_Plane_Security_Overview



Which are three Cisco recommendations on “How to Win”? (Choose three.)

A. Talk about Cisco\\’s focus on Security and integration with StealthWatch, Sourcefire, WSA, vulnerability scanner to
make smarter policy decisions.
B. Explain support for 3rd party network devices.
C. Explain architectural advantage of holistic Cisco solution.
D. Demonstrate complex policy flows, rather show case Wizards and enhanced context visibility.
E. Show case Cisco portfolio or ISE feature set during PoC

Correct Answer: ACE



Which is a key function of a Digital Network?

A. Centralized provisioning
B. Software upgrades
C. Provides secure data plane with remote vEdge routers
D. Nat traversal

Correct Answer: C



Where does the Cisco V-Edge Router perform QOS traffic classification?

A. Per VPN
B. Per vEdge
C. Egress interface
D. Ingress interface

Correct Answer: D

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