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Which party solution integrates with Cisco\\’s security and network portfolios within the ISE?

A. 25+ 3rd party solutions
B. 20+ 3rd party solutions
C. 30+ 3rd party solutions
D. 45+ 3rd party solutions
E. 60+ 3rd party solutions

Correct Answer: E



What two best describe self-healing functionality on vEdges? (Choose two.)

A. Software reconfiguration capability allowing for dynamic reconfiguration of existing channels
B. In software upgrade process, rolling back to the previously running software image when connectivity to vManage
C. vManage detect routing outage detection to detect reachability outages and understand their scope and likely root
D. With configuration change, rolling back the configuration change when loss of connectivity to vManage

Correct Answer: BD



Which three statements are true regarding Cisco SDWAN license tiers? (Choose three.)

A. With Pro license, control and data policies are supported
B. With Plus license, split-tunnel is supported
C. With Pro license, unlimited segmentations are supported
D. With Plus license, Hub and spoke, partial mesh are supported
E. With Enterprise license, vAnalytics is included
F. With Enterprise license, TCP optimization is not supported

Correct Answer: ABE



What is the maximum # of concurrent endpoint with a distributed deployment?

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Which is three Cisco ISE use cases? (Choose three.)
B. Assurance
C. Monitoring
D. Security Incident and Event Management
E. Access Control
F. Segmentation
Correct Answer: AEF

Which two products are supported as “Extended” in DNA-C 1.1? (Choose two.)
A. IE switches
B. Catalyst 6807
C. Catalyst 3560-CX
D. M3 Line cards
E. AP 3800
F. Catalyst 4500-E
Correct Answer: AC

Which two are benefits from a WAN design? (Choose two.)
A. Prioritize and secure with granular control
B. Reduce cost and increase operational complexity
C. Lower circuit bandwidth requirements
D. Provide lower quality service to guest users
E. Ensure remote site uptime
Correct Answer: AC

How many vEdge router security zones(VPN\\’s

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